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Poptone with guests Nostalghia at Brooklyn Bowl LV

Poptone brought their goth/pop show to Las Vegas with a stop at Brooklyn Bowl this week with special guests Nostalghia.

Nostalghia is a very talented band fronted by Ciscandra Nostalghia, a self described gypsy who is tall and statuesque with long flowing hair down to her thighs. Listening to her sing you can hear traces of Siouxsie Sioux in her voice, the band plays a very dark, thought provoking style of music. Ciscandra performs the song "Who You Talkin To Man" on the John Wick soundtrack and the band has the song "Plastic Heart" and "Coronation" on the new John Wick 2 soundtrack too. Haunting, eerie and enjoyable - that's the best way to describe Nostalghia.

Nostalghia photos: Harold Mountain/JustAFanPhotos

Poptone is a 3 piece band consisting of Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins formerly of Bauhaus, Tones on Tail and Love and Rockets along with Kevin's daughter Diva Dompe. This is the first time Ash and Hawkins have performed together since 2008 for Love and Rockets reunion, and there are only 9 dates scheduled on the west coast - for this second stop they performed at Brooklyn Bowl located at the LINQ in Las Vegas. The combination of Ash and Haskins brought back a flood of memories of an era in music when it really made the big change from hard rock to the new wave and goth sound. Haskins' drumming style is so amazing with all the different beats and rhythms, each and every song was unique and clearly showcased his incredible drumming prowess. Combined with the very talented and underrated Daniel Ash on guitar / saxophone and vocals, the selection of songs made a impressive show for the night. Ash's his guitar influences include Jimmy Hendrix and Mick Ronson, and have sounds that are hard to describe, a heavy fuzz at times, wailing at others. Ash and Poptone kicked things off with a Tones on Tail song "Ok, This is the Pops", followed by a Love and Rockets song "Mirror People", and during first encore they played a cover of Adam Ant's "Physical" and ended the encore with the highly energetic Tones on Tail song "GO".Finally during the 2nd encore they gave a nod to Bauhaus with "Slice of Life" and closed out the evening with a Love and Rockets song "Sweet F.A."

Poptone photos: Harold Mountain/JustAFanPhotos

Poptone Setlist Las Vegas

Heartbreak Hotel

(Elvis Presley cover)

OK, This Is the Pops

(Tones on Tail cover)

Mirror People

(Love and Rockets cover)

Movement of Fear

(Tones on Tail cover)


(Tones on Tail cover)

No Big Deal

(Love and Rockets cover)


(Tones on Tail cover)


(Tones on Tail cover)

Love Me

(Love and Rockets cover)


(Tones on Tail cover)

An American Dream

(Love and Rockets cover)

Christian Says

(Tones on Tail cover)

There's Only One

(Tones on Tail cover)


Physical (You're So)

(Adam and The Ants cover)

Flame On

(Daniel Ash cover)


(Tones on Tail cover)

Encore 2:

Slice of Life

(Bauhaus cover)

Sweet F.A.

(Love and Rockets cover)

For more tour and Info on Poptone visit Daniel Ash's website at

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