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Shining with Revenge, Wolvhammer and Empyrean Throne at Adrenailine Bar Las Vegas

Adrenailne Bar and Grill welcomed a night of metal with four bands from four different parts of the globe for a truly heavy heavy experience. Empyrean Throne is a black metal band from Lake Forest, California, with a stage setup that included what looked like a sacrificial alter, with 2 pedestals with upward hands with a spike in each one, and a rams skull with curved horns - these guys were prepared to put on a show. At one point singer Andrew Knudsen even pulled out a large knife and waved it around with a menacing grin at the audience! lIf you like bands like Behemoth, Aborted and Fleshgod Apocalypse you will certainly love Empyrean Throne.

Empyrean Throne Photos: Harold Mountain/JustAFanPhotos

Wolvhammer was next for the night, a band with roots in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Olympia, Washington and a black / dark metal band with an explosive energetic sound. Wolvhammer is fronted by singer Adam Clemans who constantly moved about the stage and at times called out the audience to come to the stage and get into the show. A solid band, Wolvhammer was another in a long week of bands we saw that come highly recommended.

Wolvhammer Photos: Harold Mountain/JustAFanPhotos

Next was the band Revenge, a band out of Edmonton, Canada who are a black / death metal band and are very loud and non-stop once they start playing.Their songs are about war, anti-christianity and domination, and they played a blistering 45 minute set with lots of shredding / screaming guitars and deep growling vocals. This is a band that is not for everyone, but would fit in perfectly in the upcoming Deathfest downtown Las Vegas.

Revenge Photos: Harold Mountain/JustAFanPhotos

Finally it was time for the controversial band Shining. Shining hail from Halmstad, Sweden and are fronted by Niklas Kvarforth and are an avant-garde / performance metal band that promotes self harm and suicide in its lyrics. One of the highlights of the night was hearing the band play the song "Latt Oss Ta Allt Fran Varandra". The video of the song has haunting disturbing images of 4 people hanging from a tree by nooses, and then another scene has them by a pool laying on loungers and one by one and dragged down under the water, all the while you hear a small child weeping and screaming. Some seriously distirbing Their music was solid and the show was like a roller coaster, with fast paced segments which all of a sudden slowed to a slow almost cabaret type of crawl. Niklas is an imposing figure who is all tatted up and covered in scars from self mutilation, especially his arms, but on this night no blood, and he seemed to be in a good mood and was very polite to those working the show.

Shining Photos: Harold Mountain/JustAFanPhotos

Once again the Adrenaline Sports Bar and Grill is the only place in Vegas where you will see shows like this and all of them are brought to you by Area702 Presents. If you want more diverse bands, we need everyone to continue to come out and support this great venue and the shows! Find out more about upcoming event at Adrenaline

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