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Seether Makes a Triumphant Return with a Record Breaking Crowd on the Fremont Street Stage

The crowd arrived early to the Fremont Street Experience to get as close as possible to the stage, it was the much anticipated return of the band SEETHER, previously on the Fremont stage in 2014. but this time the crowd was twice the size as their last appearance. This was actually the first true hard rock show of the Fremont Summer Concert Series, and the crowd was a bit more rowdy, and was another record breaking crowd for Fremont Street for their summer series!

Seether took to the stage as the opening chords of "Stoke the Fire" bellowed throughout the casino canyon of Fremont Street, and the crowd let out a loud roar! The band played their mega hit "Gasoline" and the fans started getting a little out of control - security went quickly into the crowd to quell any problems and remove the offending fans, but unlike other nights where the fans submit and go quietly it seemed nearly all were fighting back. This was also the Vegas Mayweather/McGregor fight this night, so maybe tensions ran high out in the crowd, but offenders were quickly swarmed by security and escorted out of the venue. Fremont Street always does their best at putting on these types of free events for the fans and keep it safe and happy, but this night was a little bit of a challenge for the security on hand.

Seether continued their show and band member caught my eye that I recognized, but was not sure it was actually him. To my surprise I finally figured out that on guitar it was Clint Lowery from Sevendust onstage with Seether. Seether is Shaun Morgan on guitar and vocals, Dale Stewart on bass, and John Humphrey on drums and for this tour Lowery on Guitar. Seether played all their big hits, and their lighting was very intense, with bright backlit and shadowy at times. One of the highlights was the crowd favorite "Broken" as Shaun and Dale played as a sizzling guitar duo. After a long 90 minute set the band closed out with the rocking song "Remedy" and the crowd cheered for more.

We hope Fremont books more bands like this, the fans came out in record breaking numbers and this is what rock n roll is all about! Seether was amazin, still one of the best bands out there, with great songwriting and solid musicianship. For more info on Fremont Street Experience and the Summer Concert Series visit



Stoke the Fire



Nobody Praying for Me

Rise Above This

Save Today

Country Song

Words as Weapons

Fine Again


​Black Honey (Thrice cover)

Betray and Degrade

Fake It

Let You Down


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