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The Black Dahlia Murder and Suffocation Bring Death Metal Madness to Hard Rock Cafe LIVE on the Stri

The Black Dahlia Murder made an impressive stop in Las Vegas with a near sell out at the Hard Rock Cafe Live on the Strip along with guests Suffocation and more, as they toured in support of their new album Nightbringers. The Hard Rock Cafe was packed for the early show, and Metal Blade staff was represented as well as in attendance for this closet west coast Nightbringers Tour date.

NY’s Suffocation was precursor to The Black Dahlia Murder for the night, and brought a brutal set of death metal to the Hard Rock Cafe and set a mosh pit into a frenzy. Current line up with vocalist Frank Mullen, lead guitarist Terrance Hobbs, bassist Derek Boyer, rhythm guitarist Charlie Errigo, and drummer Eric Morotti gave a helluva crushing show, with a set that included older material as well as "Return to the Abyss" and "Clarity Through Deprivation" from their 8th cd and recent 2017 release …Of The Dark Light on Nuclear Blast. It was fantastic to hear vocalist Frank Mullen's growling voice for the live show, Mullen in recent years has stopped touring full time and the band has used fill in vocalists for longer tour stints. Suffocation had a great ball breaking set and continue to show why they stay legendary and influential in the death metal scene.

Suffocation website, tour info and to order …Of The Dark Light :

Suffocation Vegas Setlist

Thrones of Blood

Effigy of the Forgotten

Funeral Inception

Return to the Abyss

Pierced from Within

Clarity Through Deprivation


Liege of Inveracity

Infecting the Crypts

Suffocation photos: Jo Anna Jackson / Stardogphotos

Headliners The Black Dahlia Murder had the crowd packed up to the barricade as they came onto the stage with a metal onslaught that started with "Widowmaker" from the new Nightbringers cd and continued with a 20 song great mix of new and older material. The band released their 8th cd Nightbringers last month on Metal Blade Records, a cd that some are calling the best metal album of 2017. Whew. It is an intense, sharp, fast ride of what vocalist Trevor Strnad calls melodic death metal. The Vegas show was the live incarnation of the speed and biting sound, and the crowd whipped itself into a manic ball of mashing bodies and fists in the air for the entire length of the long set.

The Black Dahlia Murder Vegas Setlist


Statutory Ape


I Worship Only What You Bleed



In Hell Is Where She Waits for Me


A Shrine to Madness


Malenchantments of the Necrosphere

Vlad, Son of the Dragon

Everything Went Black

Kings of the Nightworld

What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse

On Stirring Seas of Salted Blood


Funeral Thirst

Deathmask Divine

I Will Return

The Black Dahlia Murder only has a couple more dates on this Nightbringers headlining tour, but will be back out in early 2018 for European dates with Cannibal Corpse . For more touring info and to order Nightbringers check out their website at . Metal Blade Records has also reissued special edition Miasma and Nocturnal LPs now available via their website at

Check out The Black Dahlia Murder "Nightbringers" Official Video:

The Black Dahlia Murder photos: Jo Anna Jackson / Stardogphotos

The Black Dahlia Murder :

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