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Descendants Bring Tour Finale to Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

The Descendents returned to Vegas with a last show on their 2017 tour at a packed Brooklyn Bowl in December. The Flatliners from Canada were direct support, and were a nice appetizer before the main punk rock course of the headlining 'Dents. Flatliners brought a heavy punk ska sound and got the crowd really engaged for their opening set.

The Descendants were ready to go quickly after Flatliners, and Milo bounded on stage and kept the house lights on and gave a chat to the crowd, thanking the fans and making sure they knew how glad the Descendants were to be in Vegas, and that this was the last show in their 2017 tour. The Descendants kicked on and played a great 29 (29!) song set that started with an interactive "Everything Sucks" where crowd surfing bodies started flying over the pit from this first song out. The set encompassed their long career of punk rock standards including the early "Suburban Home" and "I Wanna Be a Bear" to "I Don't Want to Grow Up" and "Silly Girl", and a good nod to their last Epitaph Records release Hypercaffium Spazzinate with "Testosterone", "Full Circle" and "Victim of Me".The energy was mile high and the band played to the fans with a manic pace that the Descendants kept up for the length of the show, and gave Vegas a grand punk rock finale for their 2017.

Flatliners Photos: Jo Anna Jackson / Stardogphotos

Descendants Photos: Jo Anna Jackson / Stardogphotos

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