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The Veer Union with VEIO and XAON Rocks the Beauty Bar Las Vegas

There was a little bit of something for everyone at the Beauty Bar in downtown Las Vegas on Thursday February 7th, a triple bill of national touring acts rolled into town when alt-rockers VEIO and Swiss death metal act XAON opened up for Canadian rockers THE VEER UNION. The outside crowd at the Beauty Bar may have been a little sparse, but those who were there all left buzzing about the incredible performance of all three bands, but were particularly blown away by THE VEER UNION.

The opening acts on the show could not have been a more contrast in styles, but both brought their own unique brand and both entertained and warmed the crowd up well. VEIO is an alternative rock band hailing from Oregon who had a sound, vibe, and look that seemed ready and made for radio. The band has recently released a video on youtube for the single “In Peril” from their new release “Infinite Light-Desperate Measures”. They saved this one for last in what turned out to be a short set, but it was obvious that “In Peril” is radio ready and we should be hearing much more of it soon. For those of you whose taste leans toward the dark, Swiss death metal band XAON provided your entertainment on the evening. They provided some intricate orchestrations that mixed well with the ever-present Rob Carson on vocals.

VEIO Photos: H. Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

XAON Photos: H. Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

As entertaining as the opening acts were, this night belonged to THE VEER UNION. The leader of this act is Crispin Earl on vocals and not only is this guy an outstanding vocalist, but a great entertainer as well, playing with the sparse crowd by saying “I want to see all thirty hands raised in the air” kept the show as entertaining as it was rocking. Crispin’s vocals are backed well by the duel guitar threat of Dan Sittler and Ryan Ramsdell. What I found most interesting was that there was no touring bassist with the band, simply Crispin Earl backed by the two guitarists and a drummer. THE VEER UNION is one of those bands I just keep waiting to see the huge breakout from, yet it seems to be slow coming. “The Bitter End” from Divide the Blackened Sky did get some radio play along with “Defying Gravity” from the newest release Decade, but THE VEER UNION is just one of those bands that if you see live, you can’t help but walk out scratching your head and saying to yourself “why are these guys not huge yet?”

As I said before, the crowd on this evening may have been sparse, but that only gave enigmatic vocalist Crispin Earl a better chance to connect with each and every one as only he can. Those there were not disappointed and I don’t believe we are going to have to wonder much longer why these guys are not a bigger act once more people are exposed to shows like this!

THE VEER UNION Photos: H. Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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