Friday the 13th with LA STORY and DELLOCOMA at Vamp'd Vegas



  On Friday the 13th,  LA STORY (a band that should start calling Vegas home because they play here so much) returned to VAMP'D  VEGAS with another stellar show. This might be the hardest working band from out of town working to build a loyal fan base here in Sin City. LA STORY should be headlining, this band has that BIG sound and musically are as good as you are going to see in a club setting. As always, one of the highlights of their show is the Iron Maiden cover of "The Trooper", and singer Erik Hatchett nails the vocals on this song and the guitars are perfect. The LA STORY boys return August 4th to Vegas with a show at Jin's Club with Skumlove


   Next was the return of the band DELLACOMA, all the way from Melbourne, Australia. These guys are in the middle of a two month swing through the USA, and are a pretty good band that showcases both their hard rocking side and also their acoustic side. Dellacoma is led by singer Dellacoma Rio, Hence the name,  who on this tour I was told brought a whole new lineup with him. Dellacoma is a very engaging singer, who at times thrashes about the stage sending out intense energy to the appreciative crowd. I am sure the band won over some new fans this night, as they put on a very energetic show. 




LA STORY photos by Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhoto


DELLACOMA photos by Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos​​



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