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Tallah and New Fiction bring New Nu Metal to Beauty Bar Las Vegas

TALLAH played a downtown date at the Beauty Bar, opening for A Killer’s Confession on tour, and the band made a big first impression on the Las Vegas crowd. The band features some noted members, comprised of Max Portnoy (son of Mike Portnoy) on drums, YouTube as support for feature artist Juston Bonitz on vocals, Andrew Cooper on bass and Derrick Schneider on guitar at this Vegas show. The band instantly grabbed the attention of the crowd as they took the stage - Portnoy standing on the drums with hair flying, Bonitz jumping up on amps and screaming lyrics, Cooper kicking and head banging on bass and Schneider shredding faces on guitar.

The band calls itself Pennsyvania Nu-Core, and cites influences from Korn, Slipknot and Deftones. The live show is an insane non-stop power metal score, and visually over-the-top energy and motion from everyone in the band. The music mixes heavy metal tones and melodic phrases, and Bonitz is capable of both screamo verses and sonorous choruses. Tallah is new on the scene, but is definitely leaving a footprint and an impact as they hit new audiences on this tour.

Tallah's first EP, No One Should Read This, is out now and available here at Amazon and Spotify

Check out TALLAH's single “Placenta” from the EP No One Should Read This

New Fiction Photos by Jo Anna Jackson / Stardogphotos

Denver based NEW FICTION was on the bill prior to Tallah, another up and coming band in the metal core genre, who also made some new fans at the Vegas show with their intense and interactive set. New Fiction have also have a new record, Let It Destroy You out now and available on Spotify

"Novocaine" from New album Let if Kill You by New Fiction

New Fiction Photos by Jo Anna Jackson / Stardogphotos

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