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Folk Rock at The Beauty Bar with AMIGO THE DEVIL and HARLEY POE

This was an unusual folk rock show at the Beauty Bar, Amigo The Devil caught my attention with his latest single "Cocaine and Abel" and the downtown show promised to be a good one.

Opening the show was the band Harley Poe, a band similar to the Violent Femmes and drew a decent crowd of punk fans. Harley Poe is acoustic band with horror themed songs, and if you have never seen them before most likely thought, what is this....? The last time I saw a band perform with a washboard was The Goddamn Gallows, and the only other person I have seen play the melodica was Jared Gomes from (hed)PE. But Harley Poe pulled it off very well, and had the crowd going, with a solid, tight sound from a band who was unique and fun - a perfect to start the evening.

Amigo The Devil is the stage name for Danny Kiranos, who sings songs that are dark, grim, but with a touch of humor, and the nearly sold out venue really reacted to the show. It was a slimmed down stage production, with Kiranos solo, along with an acoustic guitar and a banjo. His music is a combination of folk and country, and he was engaging onstage, and interacted with his audience and encouraged them to sing along with him - and if he thinks they are not giving back what he expects he will let them know! Kiranos' voice is rich, and his smile is wide when he performs, and it’s not as frequent to see an artist perform solo anymore, besides with just an acoustic guitar and banjo. Kiranos is touring in support of his new CD titled Everything Is Fine, and he performed "I Hope Your Husband Dies" at the show from the CD, a humorous song that tells the story of being in love with a married woman and hoping her husband f@cks up or dies. During the song he got the entire audience to sing along with him, and you could hear echoing through the alleys of downtown Las Vegas “I Hope Your Husband Dies”! My favorite moment was hearing the single "Cocaine and Abel" live, a haunting and beautiful song and destined to be an Amigo The Devil classic. I really enjoyed this show, and the Amigo the Devil packed the house with old fans and new. Check out Everything is Fine HERE on Amazon.

Amigo the Devil Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Harley Poe Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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