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Judas Priest Firepower Tour 2019 Finale in Las Vegas with Guests Uriah Heep

The final night of the JUDAS PRIEST FIREPOWER TOUR brought the culmination of 50 years of British Metal to the Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas! Judas Priest celebrating their 50th anniversary and new album Firepower, with a spectacular set showcasing songs that haven't been played live in near decades.

Guests Uriah Heep are also celebrating their 50th year, with original guitarist Mick Box and long time vocalist Bernie Shaw leading the band into a set with selects from their 25th studio album Living The Dream, and the band still is with a great show to start off a classic rock and metal night!

Uriah Heep kicked off the show with "Grazed By Heaven" followed by "Too Scared To Run", and had the crowd on their feet as they continued into "Take Away My Soul" and the classic "Sunrise", where Bernie Shaw did an outstanding job, and Phil Lanzon’s keyboard worked really shined. The band then played "Between Two Worlds", and then it was time for some classics to wind down their set - going way back to their glory days in the 70’s the band played "Gypsy", "Look At Yourself", and closed out their show with "Stealin'" and "Easy Livin". Uriah Heep sounded as good as ever as they start their second 50 years of rock n roll.

The lights dimmed and an air raid siren echoed through the venue, as "War Pigs" played over the sound system right before rolling straight into "Necromancer" Intro. Drummer Scott Travis appeared on drums high in

center stage, along with guitarists Richie Faulkner, Andy Sneap, and bassist Ian Hill, as the metal God himself Rob Halford entered the stage from the back left corner wearing a long purple cape with matching purple top hat and a 6ft skull topped cane.

Priest kicked into old school classic "Heading Out to the Highway", and Faulkner, Sneap and Hill were all appropriately dressed in leather, swaying back and forth in classic Priest style. Halford's vocals were as strong as ever, and he exited the stage during the show to change outfits as the concert progressed.The lighting was spectacular with every member having a spotlight to showcase their talents to the packed venue.

I have seen every version of Priest, and I can tell you that Faulkner and Sneap are amazing guitarists and work well together onstage. Faulkner and Sneap took center stage as the band kicked into "The Sentinel" and then "Spectre", and then 1982's "Take These Chains" before"Judas Was Rising", before the lights went deep blue for "Out In the Cold".

As the show reached the second half some big hits were played like "Victim Of Changes", which really showcases the two guitar players, with Halford screeching throughout the venue - it still gives me chills when Halford screams out the vocals for "Victim Of Changes". Priest took a short break before returning with an encore that any fan would be proud of, playing the classic "Hell Bent For Leather", with Halford riding out onstage in leather on a classic Harley. They closed out their show with two of their best sing-alongs with"Breaking The Law" and "Living After Midnight". The 2019 Firepower tour came to a spectacular close in the party capital of the world, with Priest still going strong after 50 years.



Heading Out to the Highway

The Sentinel


(Take These) Chains

Judas Rising

Out in the Cold

Traitors Gate



Halls of Valhalla



No Surrender

Hot Rockin'

Victim of Changes

All Guns Blazing


Hell Bent for Leather

Breaking the Law

Living After Midnight

Judas Priest Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Uriah Heep Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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