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CHRISTOPHER SHAYNE Performs at G2 Active Rock 2023

CHRISTOPHER SHAYNE Performs at G2 Active Rock 2023


I first caught Christopher Shayne last year at G2 when he crushed it at the Henderson Silver Knights Arena opening up for Godsmack. This year I was able to see him perform at the more intimate Sand Dollar Downtown in Las Vegas, and he once again gave us a memorable performance. This show was a music showcase for G2 Active Rock, and Shayne gave a short but powerful set that showcased his voice and the soulful and rockin sound of the band. This is southern rock at its finest, and the song “One More Round” exemplifies the band's style.

The band has a new single out now Devil's Dues (AVAILABLE HERE) and is geared up for a new tour, out on the road with Des Rocs and Starbenders, kicking off in November. Info on shows, tour merch and tickets HERE.

Christopher Shayne on guitar and vocals, Dave Lansing lead guitar, Mark Blades on bass and Eric Bongiorno on drums round out the group, and we hope to see these guys again soon in Vegas. They Rock.

Christopher Shayne Photos : Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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07 de out. de 2023
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Good band

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