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Jason Hook is Back with FLAT BLACK : Live at the Bakkt Theater Las Vegas

FLAT BLACK played their second show opening for Godsmack at the Bakkt Theater in Las Vegas this past weekend, and what a way to kick off the night! Jason Hook (Formerly 5FDP) put a band together with a trio of talented metalheads that got the crowd fired up as they opened up the sold out show.

The Vegas crowd loved them (of course), and got a real first taste of the music - the single (Listen HERE) from the band,“It's Your Lack Of Respect” is one of the first songs that Hook wrote for this project, and it's a brutal little ditty he calls "defiant, which is what rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to be”. FLAT BLACK's debut album will arrive later this year via Fearless Records, and is produced by Hook and recorded his home studio and The Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas.

The songs are heavy, shredding anthems, and Flat Black come across fierce live. Guitarist Hook took the pandemic downtime and put together a perfect storm, with Boston native Wes Horton on vocals (The Worst of Us, FIR), LA bassist Nick Diltz (All Hail the Yeti), and Nashville drummer (now Vegas based) Rob Peirce. The set was short but ferocious, and included another upcoming single "Halo", a nod to his Vegas past with FFDP's "Wash It All Away", and closed out with the banging "Respect". Great to see Hook back on the big stage, and with such a great show out the gate with this new band.

FLAT BLACK Las Vegas Setlist

FLAT BLACK photos; / Jo Anna Jackson Photography

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