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SUM 41 KICK OFF WHEN WE WERE YOUNG Weekend at BROOKLYN BOWL with Plain White T's & Bowling for Soup

Punk rock's SUM 41 played a warm up pre When We Were Young show at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas along with Bowling for Soup, Plain White T's, and a Strange 80s set, a Charity Bomb, Unite the United Foundation, MusiCares event. What a way to kick off the WWWY fest! The SOLD OUT show was a crazy night of music with a cause, and for the main event SUM 41 put on show to remember!

The show started with Emo's Not Dead's Matt Cutshall and Your Broken Hero, his alter ego band parody of the emo scene, and the set was a blast. Wearing his own E.N.D. tee, and yelling "hey, we're opening for SUM 41!" the set was fun (his wife Arielle Vandenberg joined in singing on stage), the songs

emulating the EMO past, and you can check out EMO Matt's music HERE.

Plain White T's stepped up to the stage next, and created a great singalong vibe, really getting the crowd into the show, and included their massive hits

"Hey There Delilah" and "Rythym of Love". Bowling for

Soup really had a lot of fun, cutting up and bringing their punk energy to "High School Never Ends" and "Girl All The Bad Guys Want", way upping the pace before the main headliner of the took the stage.

SUM 41 got off to an explosive start with "Motivation", the band's super high energy and pace on the stage had the fans surfing and circles forming from the get-go. Deryck Whibley was in great form, running across the stage and belting out hits, and the fans were wild, bodies

coming over the barricade and the whole place screaming along. Deryck told the fans "tonight is all old stuff", and the set was a real throwback, heavy on All Killer and Infected, an insane show. "Fat Lip" was a frenzied

sing-a-long, and jump-a-long, and it's amazing the whole place didn't implode.

Another high point was "In Too Deep", with EVERYONE still singing and jumping, and the band completed their set with "Still Waiting". What a fantastic time, and so great to see a band like this in a club, and get a sneak peek before their festival showing the next day. The Brooklyn Bowl show gave us a bit longer set than the festival, we felt spoiled and loved it!

Deryck told the crowd, "we have a new record coming out Heaven and Hell, and this will be the last SUM 41 record, but we will do a world tour and better see all you motherfuckers there!" The new single "Landmines" is out now, and the new album should have an early 2024 release. No 2024 tour dates yet, but stay on top of the news HERE.

SUM 41 Brooklyn Bowl Setlist Las Vegas

SUM 41 Photos : / Jo Anna Jackson

Bowling for Soup Photos: / Jo Anna Jackson

Plain White T's Photos: / Jo Anna Jackson

Your Broken Hero Photos: / Jo Anna Jackson


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