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The Church Return with THE HYPNOGOGUE : LIVE at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas

Legendary Austrailian band THE CHURCH returned to the US for a fall tour celebrating their 26th album The Hypnogogue, a first ever concept record, a sci-fi experience, and a prog-rock masterpiece. The iconic band is also celebrating 40 years (and first record in 6 years), touring with a lineup with remaining original member Steve Kilbey, multi instrumentalist Jeffrey Cain, guitarists Ash Naylor and Ian Haug,

and drummer Nicholas Meredith at the moment, filling in for Tim Powles for the US dates. The Hypnogogue album features this lineup (with Powles), one which Kilbey claimed as their “most teamwork record ever”.

The Hypnogogue tells a futuristic rock star story of Eros Zeta, and has a prequel CD to the story, Eros Zeta And The Perfumed Guitars, only available at their merch table at the shows. The tour also coincides with a release of a digital deluxe edition of The Hypnogogue, which includes additional songs not included on the original 13-track album, also at shows. (More Merch HERE).

The Church started their Las Vegas show with “Ascendence”, the first track on Hypnogogue, and followed with varying songs from the new record, as well as cuts from the tour only Eros, and a career spanning smattering of songs throughout the double set. The show, cut into two long sets with an intermission, went on about 3 hours, and was well worth every minute.

The crowd sang along to many of the songs, and seemed to have knowledge of the new record storyline; Kilbey talked between songs about The Hypnogogue phenomenon, and main character of the story Eros’ challenges, as well as keeping fun with a few jokes and reminiscing from the bands

legacy, as the show built in drama from the first track through to the finale “Reptile” and “You Took”. And of course their classic anthem “Milky Way”, and “Metropolis”, made the cut.

The Church will continue this tour through November 1st, and you can find out more about the journey of Eros and The Hypnogogue, tour dates and merch HERE.

The Church Photos from Las Vegas: / Jo Anna Jackson

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Oct 13, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This show was soooo good!

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