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Ugly Kid Joe and the Rad Wings of Destiny Tour with special guests Fozzy and Pistols at Dawn made a stop in Vegas, and graced the stage inside the three story Hard Rock Cafe, a beautiful venue with great lighting and sound located right on the Las Vegas strip.

PISTOLS AT DAWN, a band based out of Atlanta, really impressed us earlier this year at the Killpop G2 music conference in Las Vegas and put on a highly energetic show. Once again they impressed, and opened their show with a guitar solo from guitarist John Williams James Jr. which set the tone for what was to come, another fantastic face paced and hard hitting rock show. PAD eleased their first EP Nocturnal Youth in 2021, and now with former VH1 Rockstar Supernova finalist Chris Pierson on vocals, Adam Jaffe [drums], Devin White [guitar], Sean Benham [bass], along with aforementioned "Will" James on Guitar, the band is now touring in support of Ascension, a new full length album available at . Check out their website for tour dates, videos and streaming, and merch! They rock!

Surprisingly I have never had the chance to see FOZZY before, but they turned in one of the better sets I have seen in a while. Led by former WCW Undisputed World Champion, CHRIS JERICHO, who knows how to work a crowd, and he has a hell of a band to back him up. With Jericho on vocals, Rich Ward lead guitar, Billy Grey rhythm guitar, P. J. Farley bass and Grant Brooks on drums, FOZZY gives a hard hitting intense performance and a great live set, including songs "Sane,Do You Wanna Start a War", a Frankie Goes To Hollywood cover of "Relax", "Enemy", and closing the night with "Judas". The energy level of this band is off the charts with members running on the stage non stop through the entire and times getting up close to fans with Chris even pulling out a CO2 blaster and shot mist above the crowd. The good thing is their energy was amazing, but the bad thing is Ugly Kid Joe had to follow that and would be no easy feat.

UGLY KID JOE returned for the band’s first tour in 27 years, this was the 4th night of the tour and we were excited to hear this iconic band of the 90’s hit the stage again! UKJ sounded great, with vocalist Whitfield Crane leading the band inplaying a list of MTV classics, with highlights of their set including, of course, a cover of Harry Chapin's song “Cats in the Cradle", "Goddamn Devil", a cover of Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" and closing with "Everything I Hate About You”. With a full 19 song set, this was a concert that took us on a journey down memory lane, and a great finale to a great line up and RAD tour.


That Ain't Livin'



Jesus Rode a Harley


Panhandlin' Prince

Come Tomorrow

No One Survives

Devil's Paradise

So Damn Cool

Cat's in the Cradle I'm Alright


Milkman's Son

Busy Bee

Goddamn Devil

Ace of Spades Everything About You

Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

Ugly Kid Joe photos :Harold Mountain/ JustAFanPhotos

FOZZY photos :Harold Mountain/ JustAFanPhotos

Pistols at Dawn photos :Harold Mountain/ JustAFanPhotos

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