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Lullwater / Never Say Die / Another Lost Year / Play Adrenaline Bar LV

Another highway, another city, another state. Touring…It’s what excites the bands and the fans. The chance to see a favorite band live always brings excitement on all sides.

Lullwater, Athens, Georgia based band recently embarked upon a quick month long tour with Never Say Die from Toronto, Canada and Another Lost Year out of Charlotte, North Carolina. The ten city tour wound through several states and music venues as they passed through Las Vegas at The Adrenaline Bar.

Lullwater’s, John Strickland gives us a brief chat before taking the stage. It is evident the people in attendance were not expecting what the sound coming from this group. Being called grunge alternative, this Southern band has the patronage jaw dropped with the wow factor. Loud, demanding and extreme high energy, Lullwater brings a seven song set list to life.

1) Oddline

2) Liars and Thieves

3) Burning Both Ends

4) Evenline

5) Albatross

6) American Glutton

7) A Forgotten Name

Lullwater Photos: ©Harold Mountain

Never Say Die is an amassment Reid Henry (lead vocals), Dane Hartsell (guitar/vocals), Brendan McMillan (bass), and Mike Langford (drums). Does that sound a bit familiar? It should, as it is a rebirth of platinum selling bandmates of My Darkest Days back with a newly released debut album. Their chemistry on stage prove to give the audience their desire for more. Closing with MDD’s debut single, "Pornstar Dancing", the audience received their more!

1) Numb

2) Since You’ve Gone Away

3) Automatic

4) Desperate Times

5) Rear View Mirror

6) Fall Apart

7) Pornstar Dancing

Never Say Die Photos: ©Harold Mountain

Another Lost Year headlines for the night. This alternative rock band includes Clinton Cunanan (lead vocals/guitar), Adams Hall (bass/vocals), Nathan Walker (drums), and Jorge Sotomarino (guitar). This should be another band that strikes a familiar chord as these guys debut with not one but two number one songs straight off iHeartRadio. This band is a diamond in the rough! What a night of phenomenal music!

1) Intro

2) Wolves

3) Trigger Finger

4) Run The Tank Out

5) Best Is Yet To Com

6) Bastard Sons

7) On And On

8) We All Die Alone

Another Lost Year Photos: ©Harold Mountain/JustAFanPhotos

Las Vegas has more to offer than meets the eye. The small out of the way venues host some of the most amazing local and touring talent. We have the info, we have the scoop! Stay tuned with Scary Monsters Music for more local and touring band information! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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