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September 8, 2019

Tom Keifer returned to Vamp’d Vegas on Thursday Aug 29, full of fire and hunger. He’s a couple weeks away from releasing his new solo album, RISE, and the first single, “The Death of Me” is burning up rock radio with rave reviews. Keifer had one of the most distinctive voices of the 80’s hair metal scene - a throaty rasp that could glide effortlessly into falsetto. As the frontman and main songwriter for Cinderella, he wrote the soundtrack for a generation of rock fans - the music we drank to, the songs we fucked to and and even the choruses that echoed in our heads when we broke up with each other in the parking lot of Hammerjacks or the Rainbow or wherever the 80s found you. But then, somewhere in the 90s, he had a lot of vocal issues. And we still kept going to see him. We’ve seen som...




 Italian Gothic Metal icons LACUNA COIL are excited to announce their new album Black Anima out on October 11th, 2019, worldwide via Century Media Records"Black Anima is all of us. It's you and it's me. It's everything we hide and fiercely expose to a world that's halfway asleep. It is the fogged mirror we are peering into searching for the truth. It's sacrifice and pain, its justice and fear, its fury and revenge, it's past and future. Human beings in the magnificence of a disturbing ambiguity. The black core that balances it all... as without darkness light would never exist. We proudly present to you our new work and can't wait to welcome you in our emb...

CO-OP’s debut is HEAVY. Heavy in that full throated, pushing-your-guts out way. Heavy in the way guitarist Jeremy Tabors crunchy riffs pour out the speakers. Heavy in the way the drums are getting hit so hard I swear they must owe drummer Nick Spann money. Somewhere along a dusty stretch of desert road, Alice in Chains and COC had a bastard child and raised him on a steady diet of whiskey & rock n roll.

Well thats what it sounds like, but in reality, this band has actual parental rock royalty lineage. Lead singer Dash Cooper is Alice Cooper's son, and thankfully this project and Dash's voice sounds nothing like the Prince of Darkness. Some rock star children try to cash in by riding their parents coattails, but Dash and his band of outlaws forge their own path. Each track on their eponym...

I was excited when Scary Monsters Music editor-in-chief sent me the new MESSER album for review. I missed their last Las Vegas performance, but was intrigued after reading Harold Mountain's review on this very site. They hail from Texas, and carry on that Texas tradition of a BIG rock sound- combining metal, alternative and all things ROCK. My anticipation and expectations were high, perhaps too high, but I rated the debut album at a solid 8/10. 

Their new self titled album starts with a slow build with "Throw It Away: and "Everything Beautiful". While both tracks showcase the excellent musicianship of the band, and the undeniable talent of the vocalist Erik Hatchett, neither track makes the band stand out from the current crop of Active Rock bands fighting for Billboard chart space.


The news this week from the Billboard charts was bleak for rock music fans. Drake has more songs on the Hot 100 than the ENTIRE genre of rock music! Maybe rock music just needs Superman to come save it.. or maybe it actually needs Superwoman. Enter DOROTHY - the female-fronted, raw-throated, bluesy rocking throwback band that will make you wanna listen to FM radio in the summer and believe that rock 'n roll is alive and well. 

With the second full length album 28 Days in the ValleyDorothy deftly avoids a sophomore slump by enlisting the help of superstar producer / songwriter Linda Perry, who has always differed from the crop of super producers by basically becoming a band member of whichever chanteuse she chooses to work with that year. Dorothy has soaked up Perry's influence, and the...

April 11, 2018


 If you were a fan of the classic wave of British heavy metal that hit the United States in the late 70’s and early 80’s, then it is safe to assume you have a few SAXON releases in your collection. That collection could be on vinyl, cassette, or CD as Saxon has managed to outlive all various sorts of media with their storied career.

     SAXON is one of the few still waving the flag and carrying the banner for the wave of British metal. They have now released what is incredibly their Album number 22, Thunderbolt, which comes two and a half years after the critically acclaimed Battering Ram. Saxon lives by the motto “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”, and has once again stayed true to what made them a standout from the British wave. Not only has the line-up remained prett...

April 7, 2018


British rock band THE DARKNESS is a band that always seems to amuse, and sometimes never even seem to take themselves all that seriously, while also diplaying some incredible musical talent. That trend has continued with the release of their fifth overall studio album, Pinewood Smile. The album is a parody in every sense of the word,  title of the album is a bit of a parody itself as Pinewood is actually the British version of Hollywood. The album was written in Putney, some 20 miles from Pinewood Studios and was recorded in Cornwall.

THE DARKNESS still has three of the four originals from the classic line-up era still intact for this effort, brothers Justin and Dan Hawkins man the vocals and guitar while Frankie Poullain remains on bass. Rufus Tiger Taylor (son of Qu...

February 17, 2018

   See Asking Alexandria On Tour in Las Vegas on March 2!

Released: 15 December 2017 on Sumerian Records

Format: CD ( Amazon)

download (Bandcamp)  

Life and success in the music scene came easy for metalcore rockers ASKING ALEXANDRIA early in the careers of the English rockers. The band’s first two full length releases, 2009’s Stand up and Scream and 2011’s Reckless and Relentless both established the boys as a force to be reckoned with in the metalcore scene.

     Life for ASKING ALEXANDRIA has been anything but easy and sometimes not so successful since those days. Since then, there have been some sub-par releases (by their standards), public drama, and much publicized inner-band turmoil that culminated with the departure of controversial vocalist Danny Worsnop in 2015,...

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