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Battle of the Bands Round 1: Battle for Rock into Spring!

Spring and Summer bring the music festivals to Las Vegas and this year the city welcomes Rock Into Spring, packing the last weekend of April with an immense army of music. Rock Into Spring will be a short drive from Las Vegas at The M Resort Casino and Spa (12300 Las Vegas Blvd)

While the rock and roll elite come pouring into Las Vegas, there has been a stir of echoes with each festival hosting a battle for local bands to perform. The first Battle of the Bands for Rock Into Spring, sponsored by Gangster, took place on March 29 at The Adrenaline Bar as three local bands seized the stage for their chance to secure a spot as the opening band for each festival. Conflict of Interest, Astoria and N.E. Last Words were the three chosen bands for round one of the competition. Extremely talented and diverse in their styles of musical presentation, each band were allotted a 45 minute slot to perform their set for the gathered fans, sponsors and judges. Between sets, the Gangster Girls were center stage to host with games and giveaways that kept the crowd cheering for more.

Conflict of Interest showcased their heavy rock rhythms and melodies with an outstanding stage presence and great vocals.

Conflict of Interest photos: ©Harold Mountain

Astoria is hard rock metal all the way with a lead guitarist that will make you stare in awe and a lead singer that pounds the vocals with non-stop energy.

Astoria photos: ©Harold Mountain

N.E. Last Words brought Nu-Metal Rock with dual rap style vocalists, dual guitars and the attitude to command the audience.

N.E. Last Words Photos: ©Harold Mountain

After a grueling competition and phenomenal night of music, the judges tally the votes and scores as a Gangster representative announces there will be a guest performance by a band who is already on the Rock Into Spring lineup. Alive In Barcelona takes the stage for an impromptu show. Winners are announced just before the Spokane, Washington based band begins. First place goes to N.E. Last Words and second place goes to Conflict of Interest. Congratulatory shouts all around and an invitation to round two on April 5 and finals between the winner of each round on April 21.

All we can say is April is rocking and Scary Monsters Music is knocking down the doors and walls to bring you all the news and tunes around Vegas!

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