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Center of Disease, Abolishment of Flesh, Casket Raider and Omnipresent Apparition

If you like the sound of two pit bulls fighting over a pork chop then April11th at The Adrenaline Sports Bar and Grill was the place to be as this was a night of hardcore death metal! The Adrenaline Bar returned to it's roots as it welcomed back hard and heavy music that it used to be know for.

The evening started with a new local band called Omnipresent Apparition out of North Las Vegas, a very young / raw band with signs of talent, a 3 piece band with great frontman who performed like a veteran. This band just needs some more shows under its belt.

Next up was the band Casket Raider from Las Vegas, and my first impression was WOW! these boys can play! Casket Raider were very entertaining with the lead singer falling to the stage at times and the guitar player thrashing his guitar wildly in the air. One of the best local bands I have seen in a long time and I am looking forward to seeing them with SHINING next month with at Adrenaline.

A change in the lineup had Abolishment Of Flesh going on next. This hard rocking extreme metal band hails from the great state of Texas, seasoned and polished they were a great band to see.

Closing out the night was Center of Disease from Oklahoma. Now this is how death metal should sound - thunderous double pedal drums, twin flying V's screaming in sync and a thunderous bass, and a singer who can growl and thrash around with the best of them - that is Center of Disease. These guys kicked ass and during midset actually blew the breakers on the sound system. After a brief delay the band was back on track and finished off the show the way they started - IN YOUR FACE. It was great to see this kind of show on a Tuesday Night and there was a pretty decent crowd for a school night.

We can only hope this trend continues in one of the top local venues Adrenaline Bar in North Vegas.

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