Rock into Spring Festival DAY 1: Buckcherry, 9Electric, Alien Ant Farm and more!!

How do you spend your nights? Scary Monsters Music spent three music filled days and nights at Rock Into Spring at The M Spa Resort and Casino in April with Buckcherry, Art of Anarchy, and Sick Puppies and many more! The Gangster Audio and Heineken presented event not only featured fantastic headliners, but also included two dozen supporting bands from across the country, who converged upon the city for twenty-eight hours of musical mayhem.

The venue, eleven miles south of the famous Las Vegas sign, is a fabulous setting for the days and nights to follow. Friday’s revelment began as people watched the massive center stage from the huge poolside area with VIP cabanas as rapper Chino XL and Rama Duke opened the festival. This duo recently released a rather interesting hip-hop/rock infused version of Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Under The Bridge", and most definitely a fantastic start for the three day event.

State of Mine, a five piece band from Michigan, brought the first taste of metal for the weekend. If you could mix 5FDP, Linkin Park with a hint of Disturbed and Slipknot, this is the sound you’re looking for. Loud, proud and full of energy, the day started with a boom!

In the weeks prior to this event, Gangster and Rock Into Spring hosted a Battle Of The Bands for the chance for one local band to play, and N.E. Last Words took that title head on! The Las Vegas band of six have an extreme sound and a dominant stage presence: metal-meets-rap-meets-punk. This being the first festival experience for them, they took the stage and never looked back. Fast, direct and furious they got the crowd going for the day with their spin on "Killing In The Name" by Rage Against the Machine.

Reclaim The Sky was the first female fronted band to command the stage and the audience. Another six piece band based out of Southern California, lead singer Giuliana Caporale has fantastic strong vocals. She and bandmates captivated the audience with their high energy, jumps, and Caporales voice had everyone mesmerized. It’s always great to see a female take the lead and command the crowd and just rock!

Day 1 of Rock Into Spring and we were really just getting started! A DJ set was up next with a guest that left a few raised eyebrows - was this was who they thought it was? Yes it was DJ Lethal who is best known for his 15 year span with Limp Bizkit and House Of Pain spinning his tunes, he was joined on stage by a couple of the Gangster Gurls while the crowd danced poolside.