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(hed)pe with Motograter, N.E. Last Words, Bipolar, Cirka:Sik at DiveBar LV

It's only been four months since (hed)pe and Motograter played the Dive bar, but this time an even bigger crowd attended one of the best shows of the year there with both bands returning along with Cirka:Sik, N.N. Last Words and Bipolar. The show kicked off with locals Cirka:Sik, a hard rocking band formed in 2009. Cirka:Sik is a high energy band that never stops moving or jumping around onstage, with at times bass player Omniom jumping off stage to play throughout the entire crowd. A great band to fire up the crowd and start things off for the long night.

Another local band that is female fronted, took the next turn, Bipolar has been kicking around since 2003. Lead singer Charlie invokes a feeling of rage when she sings getting right in the crowds face. Bipolar is a hard rocking band you can catch playing throughout the Vegas valley.

Next was N.E. Last Words, another local band that is on the verge of breaking big. N.E. Last Words is gearing up to hit the road with The Moonshine Bandits on a brief summer tour. It's no joke that I say that when N.E. hit the stage on this night the size of the crowd doubled, as their popularity continues to grow with each passing show. On this night the boys were on fire, playing a blistering set of which the highlight was, as always, their kickass cover of Rage Against the Machines "Killing In the Name of", which opened up a wall to wall mosh pit as the boys rocked the Dive bar to its very foundation. Watch for an upcoming announcement of their upcoming summer tour with The Moonshine Bandits.

It was time for the headlining bands and starting things off was perennial Las Vegas favorites Motograter . With their head to toe tribal body paint and hard rocking sound,Motograter is the type of band that fits right into Scary Monsters Music! We cover them each and everytime they pass through Vegas! This California based band was formed in 1995 and seems to never stop touring. Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch was an early singer for Motograter on the bands biggest hit "Down" (prior to present vocalist James Legion) but on this night we were all treated to an amazing performance of that song as Aaron Nordstrom of Gemini Syndrome joined Motograter onstage for "Down". Vocalist James Legion as always had complete control over the crowd, commanding them to get in the pit and party their asses off! If you want to see a band that always delivers an amazing show then Motograter is the band one to not miss.

(Hed)pe is a band that each and everytime they play they grow on you more and more. (hed)pe plays an infectious mix of rock / punk / rasta and soul, and the band can go from slow and smooth to maniac punk in the split of a second. Led by singer Jahred Gomes, (hed)pe was formed in 1994, a band that gets little to no airplay but continues to pack venues throughout Vegas each and everytime they come to town. Formerly when I reviewed the band for another outlet I was told I had to check out the drummer for (hed)pe, as he was considered one of the best in the business - drummer is Jeremiah "Trauma" Stratton is a very charismatic person and a hell of a drummer. Add in Kurt "Kid Bass" Blankenship on bass and Greg "Gregzilla" Harrison on guitar and you have a band that makes it impossible to not jump up, stand and sing along with them all night. During the show Jahred plays the melodica, a small keyboard that has a small tube attached, that Jahred blows air into that creates a sound between a keyboard and a harmonica. Jahred is a master at commanding his audience, he knows how to slow things down and then pick up the pace. (hed)pe is by far one of the best bands that if you want to hear. Check out their tour and info at

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