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Jungle Rot with Wasted and Brace 4 Impact at Adrenaline Bar LV

This was a night for pure metal heads at Adrenaline Bar in Vegas. As with most metal shows this was a dominant male crowd, and this night the local contingent was lead by local hardcore fan "Metal Mike", along with a group of fans wear denim vests with the patches of their favorite metal bands sewed all over them. Opening the show was local band WASTED, a raw, hardcore, in your face, unapologetic and vulgar band who actually live up to their name on and off the stage. Wasted features 2 guitar players, a drummer but no bass player, and their sound is a cross between metal and punk.

Arizona band BRACE 4 IMPACT was next, and this bands sound was pure death metal, a very good, solid band that fit the crowd.

Closing out the night was the band JUNGLE ROT from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Jungle Rot featured 2 guitar players and a drummer and again no bass player which seemed to be the theme of the night. As their name suggests Jungle Rot sing about war, corruption, murder, torture and death. They are currently on tour with Destruction and Warbringer, but as most bands do when they get a chance they slip in one-off shows to showcase their talents in markets not on the main tour schedule. Jungle Rot was nothing short of amazing and had the crowd up at the front of the stage with arms raised high and the devil horns flying with their thunderous pounding beat and screaming guitars.

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