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DOYLE with Davey Suicide, Dead Girls Corp and EMDF at the Beauty Bar LV

This was not a night for anyone but true hardcore Doyle and Davey Suicide fans, this one will go down in the record books with a scorching 111 degrees at the start of the show at the Beauty Bar outside stage. The crazy thing was the bands did not know this was an outdoor show until they arrived at the Beauty Bar, which I am sure made them run back to their tour busses and some air conditioning before they hit the stage. Opening the show and already onstage was locals A Burdon on Society, and following them was another local band EMDF which stands for Embrace My Darkest Fears, one of the few local industrial / metal bands playing the Vegas music scene. EMDF is comprised of Daniel Dazgic on vocals / guitars, Walter Martinez on drums, Kelbert Hong on guitar and Patrick Pulsar on bass.EMDF is a tight band with very catchy songs, and highlights of their show was the song off their video "Lost In A Dream" and a popular song they always end with "Die For My Lover". Make sure you catch these talented musicians playing at a local venue near you in Vegas.

EMDF photos: Harold Mountain/JustAFan

A band we have not seen before but was a pleasant surprise on this blistering hot night was Dead Girls Corp, comprised of Toddy T. on vocals, Dave Teague on guitar, Bruce Miyaki on bass and female drummer Mel McFail on the skins. The bands' sound is goth / rock with some industrial tossed in the mix that works in perfect harmony. DGC hail from Hollywood CA and singer Toddy T does an excellent job out front and his vocals match perfectly with the guitar prowess of Dave T. This is another interesting band that we look forward to see coming through Vegas again, but hopefully when the devils inferno is not so hot.

Dead Girl Corp photos: Harold Mountain/JustAFan

A Vegas favorite, Davey Suicide made their return to Vegas for this show, and is one of the most underrated bands playing anywhere on the planet today. This band has one of the best Cd's of 2017 Made From Fire, and the Cd kicks ass from start to finish and in my opinion is the bands' best to date. Davey Suicide is a horror themed band, visually they are a dream to photograph as each member has their own styling and charisma. During the show Davey makes several outfit changes which was crazy as the temps at 10pm were still near 110, but that didn't stop Davey from giving 110%. When the band finished you could hear several members say thank god their set was done as the heat was taking a toll on them though. I can not stress enough catch these guys out on tour, you will not be disappointed.

Davey Suicide photos: Harold Mountain/JustAFan

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein is one of the most imposing figures in the music business, he is as chiseled as any body builder out there, and toss in the white face paint with black accentuations and you have a guitar player right out of old school Hollywood Horror films. Doyle is the former lead guitarist of The Misfits and was originally a roadie for the band, but these days it's all about his solo project appropriately titled DOYLE. The band is touring on their new CD As We Die, and band members besides Doyle are Alex "Wolfman" Story on vocals, Brandon Pertzborn on drums, and Brandon Strate on bass. On this night Alex came out wearing a short kilt skirt, fishnets and combat boots, and repeated the mantra between songs, "This next one is a kind of love song, you can dance if you like..." and as usual Doyle was shirtless and ferocious. The band started the show off to the side of the stage playing nearly in the crowd, moving onto the platform and opening the show with "Abominator" followed by "Beast Like Me". This was a match made in heaven for Scary Monsters Music as the band played songs titled " Cemetery Sexxx", :Dreaming Dead Girls", "Kings of the Undead" and closing out the night with "Kiss me As We Die". A great show and Doyle and the band kept the energy fast paced through the whole set, but when the set finished the crowd funneled out of the venue searching for AC. A great night of music but a very hot one.

DOYLE photos: Harold Mountain/JustAFan

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