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Corey Feldman Brings Angels to Sin City for "Heavenly” Tour

Corey Feldman kicked off his Hevenly Tour at Vinyl Las Vegas with a two hour show that featured some new songs, tunes from a variety of his movies, and some select covers that made for an entertaining and pretty fun night. Feldman takes his knocks on being eclectic and eccentric, but the fans and faces in Vinyl were all smiling and having a great time, and we saw quite a few celebrity rock n rollers sneaking in as the show began….

Feldman started off the event with his back to the audience in black sequins, a white sequined cover over the microphone (an obvious ode to Michael Jackson) and spun and danced as he covered half of disc one his most recent album Angelic 2 the Core right off the bat, starting with the most notable “Ascension Millennium”, “Duh!”, “Everybody”, "4 Biden Attraction” and title song “Angelic 2 the Core”.

The Hevenly show showed a good bit of solid preparation and planning for an event that Feldman called “more than a spectacle, it’s heavenly” - there were partial costume changes by Feldman every two or three songs (yes, and he kept it up through the whole show) that melded along with the theme of songs as the show led into more movie related hits. Video clips and photos on big screens accompanied Feldman as he told stories and a little background on what movie or show the songs were from, how the songs came about, and what they meant to him. Feldman covered “Rock On”, “Goonies Good Enough”, “Stand By Me”, a vampiric performance of “Cry Little Sister, along with a dedication to Corey Haim, and also another nod to Michael Jackson with “Billie Jean”.

The show slowed down a turn with an acoustic section an hour and a half or so in, and interspersed between Feldman’s songs and costume changes were also some solo efforts from various Angels. We got a duet from Feldman and his angel wife Courtney, and Feldman even took a turn on the drums. After more than two hours the show closed out with “Former Child Actor” from Feldman’s freshman record release back in 2002 (FYI tidbit: “Former Child Actor” was written by Rick Springfield. Who knew.) and a final “Love Left” and “Go Fit it!” from Angelic bringing the new cd full circle for the encore.

The show was a lot of fun, very different, entertaining, and fans sang and danced and there was a lot of laughing… some at, some with, but all a good time. Feldman continues his tour through August, and you can check out how close he may get to your town at

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