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Incite and Terror Universal at the Divebar Las Vegas

This night started out with pure confusion. Going by what was on the flyer doors were at 9, but we heard online doors changed to 8, so we rushed to the venue to secure our spot. While waiting outside we were told that the two opening bands Sorrow Seed and Spectral Voices were a no show, who were now scheduled to go on at 8:15. We were told Incite and Terror Universal set times would be moved up to cover the no show spots. When... all of a sudden a van pulls up and it's the two bands who were no shows! They were originally told that load in was 8:30, and by now it was to late to for them to open, and they were both told they would now go on after the two bands who were there. They were sorta shocked by that since now they would not go on until midnight at the earliest. Short version, the bands started at the original flyer time but just not in the same order.

And the show must go on...

Fans outside were asked what band they were there to see, and it was unanimous that Incite was the crowd favorite. At 9:15 it was finally time for some music and Incite hit the stage, fronted by Richie Cavalera (the stepson of Sepultura / Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera), who is a powerhouse and knows how to get a crowds attention. Band lineup on drums was Derek Lennon Lopez, bass guitar Christopher "El" Elston, and playing some amazing guitar it was Dru "Tang" Rome. This band starts out in your face and does not back downing is metal the way it should be played - hard, fast, loud and definitely in your face. Incite is all that and more! If you missed them this time. Look for Incite to return later this fall to the Vegas area.

Incite photos: Harold Mountain/JustAFanPhotos

Next it was the return of Terror Universal to Vegas! This is a horror themed band with some very fierce looking masks and music to back it up. Terror Universal consists of current and former members of Machine Head, Soulfly, Upon a Burning Body and Ill Nino, and can remind you of Slipknot not only in their looks but sound. Terror Universal's sound is vicious. On this stop the band sadly only played 8 songs, but as a finale did musical justice to Rob Zombie's "Superbeast" and had they crowd jumping and singing.

Terror Universal Setlist

Welcome Hell

Dig Hole

Your Time


Into Darkness


Piece By


Terror Universal photos: Harold Mountain/JustAFanPhotos

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