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David Allan Coe, NE Last Words & Tailgun at Dive Bar LV

Las Vegas gives the opportunity of seeing so many great and legendary artists and bands pass through the city, and Thursday night, July 27, 2017 became a complete unexpected bucket list moment. Being from the South, I guess it’s required to like like Southern Rock and most of it I do enjoy. Raised on Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, Atlanta Rhythm Section and Mothers Finest as the backbone music of the South, I had never had the opportunity to see David Allan Coe - The "Son of The South", "The Country Outlaw", but this my friends was going to change very quickly.

By 8:30 p.m. 200 plus people were packed like sardines into a rock and roll can called The Dive Bar. The night began with local Las Vegas band Tailgun, and this was the first occasion for me to see this band perform and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a definite surprise as the first thing I see is a guitarist with a Rebel (Confederate) flag guitar being carried on to the stage. The Southern in me was definitely immersed in the possibility of what would happen next. First song kicks off and yes sirre Bob, Tailgun is producing the sound reminiscent of good ole Southern Rock & Roll mixed with the heavy sound of AC/DC and the down home blues of BB King, with a fantastic fresh approach with fun and attitude. This group of five local musicians include Rob E.G.(Galuppi) /guitar, Dru Jaxin/lead vocals, Larry Kelly/guitar, Cory Kay/bass, and Mike Mitlyng/drums. Each have been in previous projects but have come together to form an impressive group that really entertains the ears, and their onstage rowdiness gives extra meaning to ‘stage show’. Writing, recording and performing their own music from their first album Comin’ In Hot, they also performed a couple of new songs to the eager audience. "Honeyballs" and "The Tip" were both tongue in cheek performances, and every song keeping the crowd well entertained. Their musical abilities as well as their interaction with the audience was a plus to their stage presence.

Tailgun Setlist:

Ridin’ High

Gold Digger


3 Beers In

Ass, Grass or Cash

Comin’ In Hot


The Tip

Shakin’ That Ass'

Raise Some Hell

Tailgun Photos: Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Vegas' N.E. Last Words was the next band to seize the stage. This six piece nu-metal band has more than proven their value among the Vegas music scene. Their rock, rap, funk, punk, grunge style has given them a ‘no holds barred’ approach to their attraction. With a complete genre change, I was quite eager to see the crowd’s reaction. It is always amazing to see local bands write and perform their own music, and it’s even more amazing and exciting to see the reaction by the audience with absolute approval and fervency. Opening with "Ridin’ High" it’s a full on crowd, but the honkey tonking, boot & cowboy hat wearing posse wasn’t too sure of what was taking place until the one cover song of the evening "Killing In The Name" by Rage Against The Machine. NE Last Words kept the groove feel moving with their full on hard pounding grunge and the funk, punk rap vibes. They have one of the most intense stage presence I have ever seen. I contribute the slow to response of the night to the genre of the crowd, as they were there to honky tonk and were definitely not expecting this in your face kind of night, but once they were cranked, it was on! The band announced they will depart for their first tour in August and received cheers for the opportunity to be touring with the infamous Moonshine Bandits. Performing one of their newly written songs titled "Thoze Daze", I am certain this band will continue on an upward journey.

NE Last Words Setlist:

Losing Sight, Under Rated

My Death


Push 2 Shove

Thoze Daze

Killing In The Name Of


Set It Off

NE Last Words Photos: Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Finally it was time for the legend himself, Mr. David Allan Coe. The 79 year old American songwriter, outlaw country music master began his music career in early 1970 with the release of Penitentiary Blues and toured shortly thereafter with Grand Funk Railroad. Collecting a cult following through the years, his followers have never left his side. His style has never varied and his songs remain true to his life and very entertaining. The white bearded man dressed like any southern man, work pants and work shirt, only difference is the long beard and the long blondish gray hair, and the crowd was cheering for the man being assisted onto the stage by his band mates and his wife. He took a seat on a stool, picked up his red Dean guitar (which was given to him by friend and co-writer/musician Dimebag Darrell), and he begins his 30 song set with "33rd Of August".

He glided effortlessly from song to song, some performed in their entirety, some merged together as a medley. As he transitioned from song to song, he told stories and ventures about each song he wrote that was extremely informative and mesmerizing. It is completely unparalleled the number of songs written by this man, as well as the number of artist he has written songs for - and he shared tidbits of conversations between him and Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Tanya Tucker, Uncle Kracker and Kid Rock. His wife of eight years Kim Hastings Coe also performs with him and the band, and has done so for several years. The quirky, yet interesting fit assemblage of husband, wife and bandmates along with the integral history of the man who wrote and sung outlaw country to the world.

Unbelieveably, the throng of people gathered for the night were exceptionally quiet during the softer songs, and as Coe spoke of his stories and memories of his life. However, during the more rowdy songs there was always a sing along belted out loud and proud by everyone. About midway of the night, Coe said before the next song he was about to play, he had met the rapping duo called The Moonshine Bandits and had proudly recorded his first video at the age of 77. It was a rapping version of "Take This Job" which he was intensely proud to have done and Moonshine Bandidts a band that reminded him of himself when he was younger. Coe also gave a nod and a hats off to NE Last Words for their upcoming tour with the Bandits and what a road trip that would be for all.

The first chord to "Take This Job and Shove It" caused the place to go wild with a full house plus singing as loud as their voices would allow them. I cannot imagine what goes through the mind of a prodigy such as this man. Does he love it, does he appreciate it, does he just take it for what it is - another night, another town, another show? More songs such as "Tennessee Whiskey", "Drift Away", "Free My Mind" brings you through the years of music. Of course "If That Ain’t Country" is another all time crowd singing pleaser, and unexpectedly the last song of the night. It was unbearably hot in the venue and surely even hotter on stage for the aged Coe and company. He says a huge and sincere thank you to everyone and exits the stage, once again, assisted by his wife and band mates. With the crowd chanting COE, COE, COE, COE, we are thinking there will be an encore, but Mr. Coe had left the building, The man can play, the man sings, the man entertains, the man is a legend.

David Allan Coe Setlist:

33rd Of August

Mable Joy

Would You Lay With Me

This Bottle, Cocaine Carolina

I Hate Telephones

I’ve Already Cheated On You

Missing The Kid

Show Me Your Feelings

Single Father, Take This Job

Willie Waylon and Me


Do Me Wrong Do It Right

Chiseled In Stone

Storms Never Last

Whiskey & Women

Tennessee Whiskey

Take Back The Weed

Ramblin’ Fever

Amanda, Boston

Drift Away

Follow Me

Only God/Picture

Free My Mind

Nothin’ To Lose

If That Ain’t Country

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