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P.O.D. with Powerflo at Brooklyn Bowl LV

P.O.D. (Payable on Death) made a stop at Vegas’ Brooklyn Bowl, along with friends new San Diego supergroup Powerflo in tow. P.O.D. is Sonny Sandoval (vocals), Marcos Curiel (guitar), Traa Daniels (bass) and Wuv Bernardo (drums), and they are always s good time live, and this show was no exception, with Sonny laying out the whip and P.O.D. pounding through a set heavy fan fave hits like “Rock the Party”, “Youth of America” and “Alive”, and “Boom”.

Show openers Powerflo are a new rap/metal supergroup from San Diego, with Sen Dog (Cypress Hill), guitarists Billy Graziadei (Boohazard) and Roy Lozano (Downset), bassist Christian Olde Wolbers (Fear Factory) and drummer Fernando Schaefer (Worst) rounding out the lineup. This hip-hop, heavy metal, punk, and rock infused band brought down the house at the Brooklyn Bowl, playing a short but powerful set from their first cd Poweflo released in June on New Damage Records. Check out Powerflo and their new cd at

Powerflo photos: Jo Anna Jackson/Stardogphotos

P.O.D. photos: Jo Anna Jackson/Stardogphotos

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