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QUOR to kick off tour with 9Electric at Vamp'd Vegas August 12!

For the first time in over 40 years, the shadow of the moon will be cast directly across the middle of the United States; as the Earth passes behind it. Both space rocks will be in line with the G2V star; our sun. Almost like the celestial bodies are literally aligning at the same time QUOR is on tour and actively searching to be abducted by aliens. It’s destiny.

Based on modern abduction theory and stories of real-life encounters, this should be the right moment for QUOR. Four dudes pilot the Time Machine and time capsule straight into a total solar eclipse, when the moment is right. Greatness can be the only thing that is remaining.

After working to record 4 new smashers between spring and summer tours, San Diego, California metal outfit QUOR has announced dates supporting their newly released single “Life Is a Hard Thing” and up and coming new music, which has yet to have a release date. The tour kicks off on August 12, 2017 at Counts Vamp’d in Las Vegas, NV and takes them through the southwest US with friends 9Electric supporting the “Life Is Beautiful Tour.” After detaching from the 9Electric tour in Oklahoma City, QUOR expects to return home through CO and AZ. Of course, this is if they don’t get invited to join the aliens.

“We are more alien than the aliens” states Brian Corn. “We welcome this invitation and are here to challenge what they think they know about our kind” adds Smitty.

QUOR has been described as a quiet difference of styles and dynamics that follow no rules of the rock/metal/punk genres, but still stands as a whole; consistent within itself. Every song is an epic ride, a storied tale. Their dynamics of rock vs. metal, indie vs. punk will intrigue you and leave the hairs on your neck standing tall. QUOR culture will force you to question what you believe about rock. Period.

“Life Is A Hard Thing” is currently available on the band’s homepage and all major digital retailers.

"Life is a Hard Thing" Video by QUOR...

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