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Slayer with Guests Lamb of God and Behemoth at the Joint at the Hard Rock LV

Two-time Grammy-winning metal band Slayer returned to the Joint at Hard Rock, this time with guests Lamb of God and Behemoth! Slayer has three decades of metal behind them, and fans came out en masse for their tour stop at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel LV.

Black metal masters Behemoth opened the show, front man Adam "Nergal" Darski leading a theatrical performance with fire and demonlike makeup, a darkly lit stage and sinister feel. The Polish take their black metal seriously, and Behemoth were integral in establishing the extreme metal scene there. This was the first time I ha seen the band, and Behemoth kept in character with the themes of death and the dark side with the dense and riveting set. Truly a great band to see live!

Behemoth Setlist Las Vegas

Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer

Conquer All

Messe Noire

Alas, Lord Is Upon Me

Decade of Therion

Ov Fire and the Void

Chant for Eschaton 2000

Behemoth photos: Jo Anna Jackson / Stardogphotos

Lamb of God’s Randy Blithe didn’t disappoint with a set that started with “Laid to rest” and some air time, with Blythe making jump shots from start to finish. Blythe has a crazy amount energy and motion on stage, and the crowd fed on it and the mosh pits opened up a sea in the Joint. Blythe mentioned his friends EyeHateGod playing later that night at the local DIvebar, and invited the crowd to tag along. Even with the non stop power of LOG’s own show, the vocalist still hit the after show for EHG and even guested on vocals for a song.

Lamb of God Setlist Las Vegas

Laid to Rest

Now You've Got Something to Die For


Engage the Fear Machine



Blacken the Cursed Sun

Still Echoes

Walk With Me in Hell


Lamb of God photos: Jo Anna Jackson / Stardogphotos

Headliners SLAYER never disappoint, and Vegas comes out en force for the metal legends. Slayer started a 20 song set with "Relentless" and for close to two hours ripped the faces off the crowd at the near sold out Joint. High point were, well all of it. Gary Holt showed off a new version of his now infamous 'Kill A Kardashian' shirts, and both Holt and Kerry King shredded through solo after solo, with Tom Araya grounding out the classic Slayer lyrics. Slayer always looks like they are having a blast onstage, at least in Vegas, and it shows on the faces of the band and the fans.

Theres is a hint at a new SLayer album in the works for 2018, with means even more touring perhaps and some new songs to headbang to.

Slayer Setlist Las Vegas


The Antichrist



Hate Worldwide

War Ensemble

When the Stillness Comes

You Against You

Mandatory Suicide

Hallowed Point

Dead Skin Mask

Born of Fire

Cast the First Stone


Seasons in the Abyss

Hell Awaits

South of Heaven

Raining Blood

Chemical Warfare

Angel of Death

Slayer photos: Jo Anna Jackson / Stardogphotos

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