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Aaron Lewis Brings Out His Country Side with 'Sinners Tour' at House of Blues LV

Scary Monsters Music went a little country on September 9th at the House of Blues Las Vegas, as Aaron Lewis brought The Sinners Tour to a packed, standing room only crowd - as we arrived the line was way down around the corner far into the casino. It was apparent that Aaron Lewis is as big a star doing country as he was in the rock n roll genre with his band Staind.

Opening the show was Alex Williams, who is a throwback to old country with a sound like Willie and Waylon, with an amazing voice. Following Alex Williams set, Aaron and the band came out on the HOB stage and started playing low and slow, and Aaron told the audience that everyone needs to stand up. After a minute he again said, "now anyone wearing hat please remove it". Then standing there, hat in hand, looking out to a standing packed HOB he recited the Pledge of Allegiance, which brought brought the house down with whistling and hoots and hollers - after all, it’s a country crowd, and they tend to wear their allegiance on their sleeve - and as cool as he could be Aaron went straight into "Country Boy" to get the night of music started. Changing guitars Aaron then launched into "Sinner", the title track off his newest solo cd, and even added a couple Staind songs to the set, reaching back into his rock n roll roots.

As a country artist Aaron Lewis sounds amazing and has an excellent band behind him. The man has star power and it shows in either genre. Whether it’s country, or rock n roll, Aaron Lewis is an true artist and musician and wowed the Vegas crowd.

Alex Williams Photos from HOB Las Vegas : Harold Mountain / JustAFan Photos

Aaron Lewis Photos from HOB Las Vegas : Harold Mountain / JustAFan Photos

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