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KMFDM and ohGr at the Fremont Country Club Downtown Las Vegas

This was a night to remember and not necessarily all for the right reasons. This was a highly anticipated show at the Fremont Country Club, with fans starting to line up at 5pm in advance of the 7pm door time - I arrived at 6:45 to see the line already stretching back down to the corner. I waited along with fans for the doors to open, but...the doors didn’t open. Security comes out and tells those in line it will be about 20 minutes more...ok...not too bad…. then "sorry it will be another 20 minutes”. A full 2 hours after the scheduled time for the doors to open security comes out once again and tells the crowd the doors will not open for at least another 40 minutes and they are trying to rectify the situation.

A fan comes over to me and tells me that there's a problem with one of the bands riders and they are refusing to play. Apparently KMFDM was not happy with the sound system and was refusing to play unless they fixed it. But it seemed to get resolved, the doors opened at 10:20pm, the fans stayed and the venue was packed. Because of they long delay the opening band EDMF were pulled from the show, but were able to go next door to their sister property Backstage Bar & Billiards and play there.

At around 10:45pm ohGr took to the stage. Ohgr is a side project by Nivek Ogre and Mark Walk of Skinny Puppy, a synthpop / industrial band out of Los Angeles California, and a bit more light than their band Skinny Puppy. This was a good show and Nivek is an amazing frontman. Their set was fantastic and the crowd were really into them.

KMFDM, led by Sascha KonietzkoLucia Cifarelli, who was dressed in tight leather and stalked the stage teasing the fans who were lucky enough to grab a front row spot. The 2 of them were up front at two podiums trading off vocal duties throughout the show. Despite all the problems that night KMFDMAfter a brief break it was finally time for who founded the group in 1984 and is considered one of the godfathers of industrial music. Joining him on vocals and keys was sounded amazing and the fans were thrilled to finally see this band. For all those fans who stayed waiting until showtime, got treated to a great double industrial bill that was well worth the wait. Check out the photos from the show!

ohGr Photos: Harold Mountain / JustAFan Photos

KMFDM Photos: Harold Mountain / JustAFan Photos

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