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Evanescense 'Synthesis' Live Fall Tour 2017 Comes to the Pearl Las Vegas

We had the pleasure of seeing the opening night of the Evanescence Synthesis Live Tour at the beautiful Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms in Las Vegas, and the anticipation for this concert was big, the band re-imagined some of their biggest songs are on tour with a full orchestra.

And as an added bonus, everyone who purchases a ticket to this tour will receive a free download of their new studio CD Synthesis as soon as it’s available.

The show was compiled of two parts - the first part was just the orchestra performing for the nearly sold out venue. Then there was about a 20 minute break and the orchestra returned followed by Evanescence, which elicited a huge roar from the crowd with scattered screams of “I Love You Amy” echoing throughout the venue. Evanescence is Amy Lee (vocals), Tim McCord (bass guitar), Will Hunt (drums), Troy McLawhorn (lead guitar) and Jen Majura (rhythm guitar and backing vocals) who played with the orchestra for the second half. This section started with Amy Lee at the piano opening with "Overture / Never Go Back", then "Lacrymosa", which is the first time they have performed that song since 2012. Amy performed the haunting "End Of A Dream" solo, and showcased her amazing voice. Between the Orchestra and Evanescence they played a total of 25 songs.

There are thousands of musicians and bands but not many true artists, and Amy is that artist. She knows how to use her voice to invoke emotion in each and every song, a true talent and this is a tour that is not to be missed.

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