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Genitorturers Bring a Carnival of Sin to Sin City

It has been a couple years since the Genitortures last played Vegas, and we were really looking forward to seeing their return - last time their show was one of the best of the that year. This time the Genitorturers brought the show to the Dive Bar in Las Vegas, and kicking the night off was Chainsaw Fight, followed by Demon Scissors.

Demon Scissors is an interesting band that very visual, as they play under black lights while painted in glow paint. The lead singer comes out with a very well made demon looking costume with lasers on his wrist shooting throughout the venue, a very young band with lots of potential.

Demon Scissors Photos: Harold Mountain / JustAFan Photos

The enthusiastic crowd swarmed the front of the stage in anticipation of a wild and very sexually explicit show from the Genitorturers. As the band kicked into the first song lead singer Gen comes out with a mask covering the lower half of her face, and has she takes the stage her mic fails, which halted the show for a few minutes. But then her assistant came out topless and explained they would resume as soon as the mic issues were resolved. And the show was on it's way!

Once the mic was resolved the Gen and the band - Eric Griffin (Murderdolls, Wed 13, The Dreaming) on Guitar, Kriz DK (Deadstar Assembly, Psyclon Nine) on Drums, Ryan Seelbach (Bang Tango, Pretty Boy Floyd) on Bass, got the carnival under way and this time all went well. Gen is one of the best front women I have ever seen, and for this show she had a small box in front of the stage where she performed most of the night. The crowd was right up close to her on three sides, which she relished as she taunted and teased the people who were within her reach. A Genitortures show is not for the faint or the prudish, with lots of characters and scenes played out with multiple players, and on this night their show held true to form as it contained everything from BDSM, nudity, simulated sex, torture, mages of religion gone bad and some stuff you really can’t explain. The show was amazing, the band was tight, and Gen and her cast of side show freaks once again wowed the Vegas crowd.

Genitorturers Photos: Harold Mountain / JustAFan Photos

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