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Horror Master John Carpenter's Anthology Tour Comes to the Joint in Las Vegas

Horror Master John Carpenter's Anthology Tour

Brings Classic Horror Soundtracks to the Live Stage at the Joint for Halloween Weekend

The name John Carpenter brings up the images of the best movies I have seen throughout my life and the memorable music that came with them. This 2017 Anthology Tour has the legendary Carpenter out front playing rock star instead of director, with a live band and the best of those movie scores and theme songs, along with video retrospects and movie clips in giant screens behind him as he weaves through some of the biggest soundtracks of his catalogue. Having this Anthology Tour show on Halloween weekend in Vegas immediately brings up the Halloween movie soundtrack in your head, but that was just a taste of all the fantastic theme songs and music heard during this visual show.

Staring with the immediate recognizable Escape from New York main theme which made for a roar from the crowd, Carpenter creates a humorous maestro up front and center, playing keyboards throughout, putting on his dark sunglasses and raising his first in the air at heated moments, backed by a full band that included son Cody on keyboards, and an impressive Daniel Davies (son of The Kinks Dave) on guitar. In between songs Carpenter would have a line or two about what was next to come, calling Starman his "only love story", and quipping "I believe in love, and that it lasts forever" right before Michael Myers appears on the background video screens and the Halloween theme begins. The set included some expected classics with Halloween and Escape from NY, Assault on Precinct 13: Main Title, along with Big Trouble in Little China: Pork Chop Express, They Live: Coming to LA, Prince of Darkness: Darkness Begins, and Theme from The Fog. The night ended with an encore and Carpenter's warning to everyone to "drive safe tonight, Christine is out there!" before concluding the show with the theme song and movie clips from the Stephen King/Carpenter classic, before taking final bows with his band to a standing ovation from the crowd.

The Anthology Tour has more dates schedules throughout November, for more information HERE. The Anthology Album is out now an available at Sacred Bones .

John Carpenter at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas: Photos Jo Anna Jackson/

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