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Queen Nation Return to Vegas for Stellar Tribute shows

One of the greatest tribute bands in the world, QUEEN NATION returned to The Club at the Cannery Las Vegas for two nights on October 27th & 28th to standing room only crowds, with their amazing true to life re-creation of all the classic Queen hits. Queen Nation has some of the best musicians who not only sound but visually take you back to a time when Freddy Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon ruled the rock world. Queen Nation has a cast of talented musicians - Mike McManus on guitar, an unbelievable guitar player who recreates the sound of Brian May's guitar from the hard fast paced songs all the way down to the soft acoustic stuff - Lead singer Greg Finsley, who is considered by many tribute singers as the best of the best and is another one of a kind talent, who has a voice with remarkable range and sounds eerily like Freddie Mercury, and is also an accomplished piano player who plays and sings exactly the way Freddie used to play - bass guitar it is Parker Combs, who always gets a rousing ovation when he starts the opening bass lines to "Another One Bites The Dust", and is an integral part of Queen Nation - and the engine that drives the Queen Nation machine is Peter Burke on drums and vocals, an accomplished musician who has performed and recorded with many major musicians including Wilson Phillips, Tiffany and the Bullet Boys. Peter also sings the Queen hit "I’m In Love With My Car" during the bands shows.

During this run the band played different sets each night so it makes it a must two night run for the true Queen fans. One thing that makes this band and it’s show stand out, is how they can go from songs with a manic pace like "Tie Your Mother Down" and "Sheer Heart Attack" and then slow things down to a complete stop with songs like "Love Of My Life", which really showcases the vocal ability of Greg and the guitar playing of Mike. One of the highlights this weekend was Saturday night Greg jumped off the stage and went through the crowd and serenaded the female fans at their tables while sitting on their laps.

About three fourths of the way through the show the fans finally made their way to the front by the stage, and sang and danced to each song as the band wound down their set. When the show ended the band made a brief exit, and the crowd begged and yelled for their return and returned for a three song encore, then took their bow, thanking the fans for another great weekend in what could be considered their second home of Las Vegas. After the show, as always, members of the band went out front and talked and took photos with old and new fans, and caught up with people who have been following them for as many as 10 years now. Once again, QUEEN NATION is one of the best tribute bands anywhere and are a must see!

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