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Ron Bumblefoot Thal makes a Memorable Stop at Vamp'd Vegas with Storyteller Show

Award-winning multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, producer Ron Bumblefoot Thal brought his solo storyteller show to Las Vegas' Vamp'd for a great night of amazing guitar and off the cuff tales from the road. The crowd loves these solo shows, Thal has a flexible set list, and can play pretty much play anything anyone call out or dares. There was a little of everything before the night was done, and makes for a fun night and a lot of laughs and great music. I think my standout was Thal playing and singing the cover of Queen's "Somebody to Love". And yes he can hit the high notes.

Thal is definitely a people person, and before the show was found wandering table to table just hanging out and talking to fans there for the show, and afterwards hung at at the merch table signing copies of his re-released independent solo CD Little Brother Is Watching and taking photos with fans into the wee hours. The touring storyteller show is a great intimate fun time to spend, it feels more like you are hanging at Thal's basement rec room than at a concert show. It's a great relaxed and surreal atmosphere to see an amazing award winning virtuoso up close and personal and get a feel for the personality behind the master musician.

Little Brother Is WatchingThal is currently in europe with shows, but has more solo shows in the US in December - you can get tour dates HERE. is available on CD and vinyl through EMP Label Group HERE.

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