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DOPE  with (hed)PE, NE LAST WORDS and diM at the DIVE BAR LV

Scary Monsters Music returned once again to the Dive Bar for a much anticipated show with headliner DOPE along with (hed)PE, playing a small venue and the line to get in started forming ahead of the 7pm door time. We also had two of the best local bands currently in Vegas, NE Last Words and diM were picked to open the show.

diM is a hardcore horror themed band that is as good as it gets locally, but I felt bad for the band as set times were short due to so many bands on the roster. In the middle of their set the lights suddenly went out in half the bar and the mics went out, but the band took in in good stride and did a little improv and did a great stripped down version of their song "Drown". After about 5 minutes everything was restored and diM powered their way through another memorable show.

Next was NE Last Words, another amazing local band that has a great following wherever they play. Another short set due to time constraints , and with DOPE and (hed)PE having so much gear onstage the two openers actually had to have some members stand in front and play as there was not enough room onstage. Look for NE Last Words to release their new single very soon.

Next it was the return of one of my favs (hed)PE. (hed)PE always draws a big crowd in Vegas and on this night it was no exception. During their set lead singer Jahred Gomes told the crowd, "we appreciate all the Dope fans tonight that are here and get a chance to see us play". But after (hed)PE finished a good bit of the crowd left, showing the band's ability to fill the room with a (hed)PE crowd. (hed)PE's set goes from really slow reggae to manic punk rock, and this band gets the crowd into a frenzy better than any band that comes through Vegas. Jahred is a master frontman who really cares about his fans, and talks to them throughout the show as if each and everyone were close friends. Look for (hed)PE to return to Vegas in mid December once again at the Dive Bar.

Finishing out the night was industrial heavy metal band Dope, formed in NYC in '97, and led by vocalist Edsel Dope. Dope put on a great show, but the Dive Bar is a tiny venue, and they set up their stage with 3 video screens which was kind of overkill in a venue this small. The band played a full set with a cross section of their catalogue and kept the energy level on full blast through the rest of the night, but the band remarked at the small size of the crowd. Dope was really good and had a great night, but this may have been the wrong Vegas venue for this band, would like to see them in a room with a bigger stage that can show off their elaborate stage set up and set.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of DOPE'S inception in NYC, The band has released Dope: The Early Years 1997 / 1998, the original Story book and soundtrack of how it all began. Find out more tour dates and info on Dope Here.

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