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Motograter and Psychostick with Raven Black, Kissing Candice and Arsonists Get All The Girls at Beau

Motograter and Psychostick headlined a Las Vegas stop at the Beauty Bar downtown, with guests Raven Black, Kissing Candice and Arsonists Get All The Girls - and every band on the bill was amazing. Beauty Bar has been bringing a range of great shows to Vegas this fall and check our concert calendar for more to come!

Starting off the long night of music was RAVEN BLACK, a dark theatrical / carnival themed band out of Los Angeles, CA who have been making vegas a regular stop on their touring schedule, and keep getting better and better each time around. This bands show is very fun, with extreme facepaint and a stage to match this band is a rising star on the musical scene.

Next it was the return of KISSING CANDICE out of Long Island, NY, another horror themed band with looks that remind you of Slipknot. Kissing Candice is a solid hardcore metal / industrial band who continue to tour relentlessly as they spread their brand of filth and disease.

This was my first time seeing ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS, a band who hail from Santa Cruz, they were really good and had a very spastic style, with lead singer Sean Richmond on several occasions diving out into the crowd and engaging audience members to sing with him while trying to crowd surf in this small outdoor venue - a very impressive band that I hope makes it’s return very soon.

Next was the return MOTOGRATER, a band who plays Vegas a couple times a year and have built a loyal local following. This time around their was some changes - no bass player, a return to the metal drums out front, but thats Motograter, who tours non stop and with their jungle tribal themed body paint are a blast to see. Motograter is a band who formerly enlisted current Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody and released the hit song "Down". For the Beauty Bar show Gemini Syndrome singer Aaron Nordstrom jumped onstage and sang the song "Down" with the band. This fired up the crowd and got the mosh pit started up once again. Vegas loves Motograter and we look forward to seeing them again.

Psychostick are a comedy rock band and hail from Tempe Az, and unlike the other bands who had horror themed looks Psychostick had goofy frat style props that included huge moose ears, rubber chickens and stuffed animals and more. Musically the band is very good and their stage show is goofy, a rather weird combination considering the other bands who played on this night, but another solid rock band to finish a funfilled night in downtown Las Vegas at the Beauty Bar.

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