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INCUBUS Kicks Off Superbowl Weekend at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel LV

Multi-platinum selling band INCUBUS opened their 2018 tour February 2nd at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for a two night kickoff in fabulous Las Vegas!! The band played in the JOINT Concert Venue to a packed house, which consisted largely of a huge contingent of screaming female fans. Incubus is performing a limited engagement with 2 nights in February and again March 30th & 31st at the Joint.

The band kicked off the show with a song off their latest album 8 titled "Glitterbomb" followed by an extended version of earlier tune "Circles", then it was back to their latest album and the song called "Nimble Bastard". This set the tone for the evening, as the band performed in a variety of different lighting themes, and on each side of the stage there were 2 tall bandstands with lucky fans on top watching the show from these platforms on stage. The backdrop was a huge lighting rig circle, and in the middle videos played throughout the show. Lead singer Brandon Boyd was very animated, jumping and moving about the stage with his long hair flying everywhere, while lead guitarist Mike Enziger set the mood starting each song to the screams of the thousands of fans in attendance. on drum duty was Jose PasillasII, bass was Ben Kenney and on keys it was Chris Kilmore. I was curious how Incubus would do in a room of this size, and they fit perfectly, their staging, sound and stage presence showed the maturity of this band as they move forward after 25 years together.

You still have three more chances to catch Incubus at the Joint at the Hard Rock! For tickets to the upcoming shows go HERE .



Circles (remixed extended ending)

Nimble Bastard

Anna Molly

11am (First time live since 5/26/2012)


If Not Now, When?

State of the Art

Pardon Me

Drive (Slowed down keyboard first verse)

Paper Shoes (First Time Live Since 3/7/2015)


Nice to Know You

Trust Fall




A Crow Left of the Murder (Pony by Ginuwine Cover Outro)


Wish You Were Here (Followed by a snippet of Pink… more )


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