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CD Review: Asking Alexandria's New Self Titled Release on Sumerian Records

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Released: 15 December 2017 on Sumerian Records

Format: CD ( Amazon)

download (Bandcamp)

Life and success in the music scene came easy for metalcore rockers ASKING ALEXANDRIA early in the careers of the English rockers. The band’s first two full length releases, 2009’s Stand up and Scream and 2011’s Reckless and Relentless both established the boys as a force to be reckoned with in the metalcore scene.

Life for ASKING ALEXANDRIA has been anything but easy and sometimes not so successful since those days. Since then, there have been some sub-par releases (by their standards), public drama, and much publicized inner-band turmoil that culminated with the departure of controversial vocalist Danny Worsnop in 2015, only to have him return to the band in 2016.

After all this turmoil, it comes as no surprise that ASKING ALEXANDRIA would want to take a left turn and do something completely different. This is exactly the path they have chosen for their self-titled fifth studio release, the first release since the return of Worsnop to the fold Right drom the start, the thing that strikes you is that this is not the metalcore band you once knew, and the kids loved. The current ASKING ALEXANDRIA takes influences everywhere from pop and Worsnop’s reported love for country music. Gone are the days of Scream-O lyrics, and essentially, what you end up with is an album sounding more like stadium rockers such as Five Finger Death Punch than early metalcore ASKING ALEXANDRIA.

Overall, the songs are well written and a daring departure that seems more aimed for radio play than past releas

.es. Some tracks such as ”Where Did It Go?” and “Vultures” are standouts and obviously aimed for radio success, but it is an altogether engaging listen. This drastic change in sound seems that it just may be one that actually will work for them. “When the Lights Come On” is the biggest departure for the release and may point to where ASKING ALEXANDRIA see their long-term future, it draws more from the band’s influence from pop than ever attempted before. “Under Denver” is the token power ballad complete with heavy synthesizer that gives the complete arena rock feel.

The fifth studio release from ASKING ALEXANDRIA is obviously not a throwback record, it is not even a side-step, this record as stated is a complete left turn, but it may just be the turn that has placed the band on the right path once and for all.


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Asking Alexandria's first single "Into the Fire" Video, Self titled CD out now on Sumerian Records

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