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MICK ADAMS and the STONES - Tribute to Rolling Stones at RAMPART CASINO & RESORT

When it comes to the argument as to who is the greatest entertainer of all time there, is one name that should be at the top of that list, and that is Mick Jagger along with the Rolling Stones…. And when it comes to authentic tribute bands, there is only one tribute that is the number one band touring as the 'Rolling Stones' and that is MICK ADAMS and the STONES. This is not a cover band, but a very hard working group of musicians who not only have the look and sound, but also have gone as far as to play the same instruments as the Stones.

The sold out crowd settled into their seats and the opening music kicked off with an amazing video of the real Stones, and the band took to the stage and kicked into the opening chords of "Jumping Jack Flash" when MICK ADAMS comes sprinting out of the dressing room onto the stage. Adams is a fireball onstage, with the energy of Mick Jagger when he was in his prime. Adams struts and poses and recreates the real Mick better than anyone I have ever seen, and after "Jumping Jack Flash" the band did not slow down as they launched straight into "Street Fighting Man".

One thing you notice is that this band plays songs from all eras of the Stones, with such favorites as "As Tears Go By", "She’s A Rainbow" and "Under My Thumb". One of the highlights of the show is when the band does "Sympathy For The Devil", the lights lower, Adams exits the stage, only to come back dressed in a long red flowing coat and a devil horned top hat with a cane with a menacing looking skull on top. Adams goes straight into the crowd and teases the audience with the devilish lyrics and introduces himself by singing 'Pleased to meet you, Hope you guess my name'., and got even the oldest members of the crowd to their feet. Joining 'Mick' on stage throughout the show was the fabulous MIRINUS BEY who is a show stopper with her unbelievable voice and heart stopping smile. Adams and Mirinus work well together, trading lyrics back and forth and when Mirinus does her solos it always gets a standing ovation.

The band is comprised of seasoned musicians who all have done their homework on each member they are playing... playing a drum set like Charlie Watts' is VINCE LUPO, who not only looks like Charlie when he is onstage but plays like him too. Playing the part of Keith Richards it is GRATZ ARIAS who does a great job as the riff master. A Ron Wood it is RON JESSURUM, who plays guitars exactly like Wood does and has his sound and tone down like no one else. And on bass playing the part of Bill Wyman it is MARVIN SPERLING who looks and plays so much like Wyman it's uncanny at times. Holding down the keys and cowbell it is JIMI SEVILLE who has all those great Stones sounds down perfect.

The show ended with a Rolling Stones party anthem "Satisfaction", and by now the aisles and sides were filled with happy fans dancing and singing the night away, as I have seen at other shows by this talented band. The band remained onstage shaking hands and thanking fans for showing support not only for the band, but the venue.

"You Can’t Always get What You Want", but you can get another chance to see Mick Adams and the Stones on Saturday April 7th at the Cannery in North Las Vegas at Cannerstock 2018. I hope everyone will come out and see what you missed at the Rampart show! A big thanks goes out to the Rampart Casino and Resort for starting to host these kind of shows and giving us a great venue to see these kind of musical acts.

Photos by Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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