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The Beauty Bar in Las Vegas threw a FREE show Monday night and it was loaded with 3 killer bands, KISSING CANDICE, MASTIV, and RUST REBELLION. Opening the show was Vegas local band RUST REBELLION, a solid band with a mad max type of look. These guys have really been tearing up the local Vegas stages these past couple of months and always deliver a killer show!

Next was another local band with the most imposing frontman currently playing Vegas today... MASTIV is fronted by the friendly giant Steve Thiriot who not only sings but plays keys. Tonight guitarist Madzilla mentioned he lost his teacher that day to a heart attack, and dedicated the licks he learned to him, The rest of the band is made up of James Hoover on drums, and on rhythm guitar Dane Haws, and on bass it was Nikki Rangel. I dare you to stand still while this band plays! They play a punishing beat that makes even the most hardened wallflower bang their head and stomp their feet. At times Steve goes into what could best be described as almost spoken word while the band pounds out an impressive beat. Mastiv is one of my favorite bands currently playing Vegas and can be seen at many local venues near you.

KISSING CANDICE hail all the way from Long Island, NY, and have a sound that is metal, hardcore, industrial and just plain badass. This is my kind of band - a horror themed band with punishing songs, dark and very frightful looking onstage. Kissing Candice is a band that baffles me as to why they are not HUGE, this band is the total package, and they remind me alot of the great local band d.I.M. Kissing Candice's stage show includes tons of smoke, with twisting and twirling lights flashing out through the heavily fogged stage. Frontman Joey Simpson wears the creepiest old man looking masks with bloody clothing, and he is an amazing frontman who did his best to work the small crowd who did turn out on a chilly Monday night at the Beauty Bar. Smaller crowd or not the band delivered their usual shock and awe type of show and gave those who did come out something to remember. For more on the band and to order thier newest release Safe Word check out their website HERE.

Mastiv Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Rust Rebellion Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Kissing Candice Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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