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There is only one word to describe the NIGHTWISH Decades World Tour and that is EPIC! Nightwish on this tour (that started on the day the new Decades CD was released on March 9), is a sensory overload experience with a video screen as big as the entire backstage, along with a sound that is larger than life. This is the seventh world tour by the band from Finland and the seventh compilation CD, which as a added bonus was given to each person entering the venue!

There was no opening act and the show began promptly at 9:15pm to a packed Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas. The lights dimmed and the giant video screen light up with the Nightwish Decades logo, and after about 5 minutes of ambient music the band took to the stage to the roar of the crowd. Fans have waited a long time for their heros to return to Las Vegas, and Nightwish kicked off the show with “End Of All Hope” followed by “Wish I Had An Angel”.

This symphonic metal band is fronted by Floor Jansen who has been with the band since 2013, and Nightwish is the most successful band in Finnish history with more than 9 million in cd sales with 5 number 1 albums and 13 number one singles. The massive video screen throughout the night featured mystical and beautiful landscapes, and at times raging fire as they played "Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean". At times it was like watching a soundtrack as the video screen overshadowed the band who sometimes were silhouettes in front the massively lit screen. Nightwish finished the show with the song "Ghost Love Scene" and exited the stage, only to return a few minutes later to thank the huge crowd and take their bows and receive their cheers for the two hour show.

This was a show that is not to be missed, you get your money's worth when you go see Nightwish, and was a rare opportunity to see this band is a smaller venue, as they usually Europe play in huge stadiums. A big thanks to the Brooklyn Bowl and their staff for always being such great hosts and bringing such great music to Vegas! More Nightwish tour dates and news at


Intro (with Swanheart instrumental snippet)

End of All Hope

Wish I Had an Angel

10th Man Down

Come Cover Me



Sacrament of Wilderness

Deep Silent Complete

Dead Boy's Poem

Elvenjig ([traditional] cover)


I Want My Tears Back

The Carpenter

The Kinslayer

Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean


Slaying the Dreamer

The Greatest Show on Earth (Chapter I: Four Point Six;… more )

Ghost Love Score

The Greatest Show on Earth (Chapter IV: The Understanding;… more )

Nightwish photos by Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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