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CANNERYSTOCK 2018 with Peace Frog,   Michelle Tyler and MIRAGE - Visions of Fleetwood Mac, Mick Adam

The annual celebration of the 60’s known as CANNERYSTOCK once again was held at The Club at the Cannery Casino, and the weather was perfect! Due to the size of the crowd they opened up the huge doors on the back of the building to the outside which has bleachers for the overflow crowd and booths with food, drinks and merchants selling tie dyed items. Cannerystock is one of the more popular events held at the Club and this year some of the best tribute bands were on the bill to the delight of the crowd.

Kicking off the show was KELLY SHEEHAN and her Tribute to Janis Joplin, and Kelly does a great job of recreating the essence that was Janis - the memorable songs and looks of Janis. The crowd cheered with each hit song Kelly sang and was excited about what was still to come on this amazing night of talent.

Next was the world’s greatest tribute to the Rolling Stones! MICK ADAMS and the STONES wowed the huge crowd with a 60’s recreation of the Stones, and this is the most solid group of musicians you will ever see in any band. The band took to the stage and started playing "Jumpin Jack Flash" as Mick Adams come strutting out wearing the same outfit Mick Jagger wore at the infamous Altamont Speedway concert.

Adams has done his homework, and not only looks and moves like Jagger but also sounds like him. Guitar player Ron Jessurun, who usually plays the part of Ron Wood, went true 1969 and came out looking like Mick Taylor who was with the Stones from 69-74. The band had the crowd on their feet dancing at the stage as they played such hits as "Street Fighting Man", "Let’s Spend the Night Together" and "Brown Sugar". To me one of the highlights of the show was the playing of old Stones classics such as "Under My Thumb", "She’s A Rainbow" and "Lady Jane", and during this part of the show the band played custom made instruments replicating what the Stones used during that era. Mick Adams and the Stones closed out their set with one of the greatest songs ever, "Satisfaction", which earned the band a standing ovation from the appreciative crowd as the band exited the stage.

The talented MICHELLE TYLER and MIRAGE - VISIONS OF FLEETWOOD MAC was next on the bill, and this is another solid band with Michelle recreating Stevie Nicks the best I have ever seen. Throughout the show Michelle wears different flowing covers and scarves as she sings all the classic Fleetwood Mac songs, radio classics that Michelle does a great job on and in bringing back all the memories of listening to these songs on the radio throughout years past.

Closing out the night it was the band PEACE FROG, a band that has now played the Cannery for 12 years. Peace Frog also has the look and sound of days gone by from one of the great bands of the 60’s / 70’s. The band is led by Tony Fernandez who does an amazing job at keeping the legacy of Jim Morrison alive, and moves and dances like Jim as the band plays all The Doors hit songs. The area in front of the stage was packed as it seems most of the crowd got on their feet and celebrated the sights and sounds of Cannerystock 2018. Peace Frog perform weekly in Venice Beach and Tony tells the crowd, "if you ever stop in at one of their shows to come up and say hi, we will buy you a drink!"

A big thanks goes out to Marty and the staff of the Cannery for hosting these types of events, and we look forward to what is in store for Cannerystock 2019!

KELLY SHEEHAN - Tribute to Janis Joplin Photos from Harold Mountain /JustAFanPhotos

Mick Adams and the Stones Photos from Harold Mountain /JustAFanPhotos

MICHELLE TYLER and MIRAGE - VISIONS OF FLEETWOOD MAC Photos from Harold Mountain /JustAFanPhotos

PEACE FROG Photos from Harold Mountain /JustAFanPhotos

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