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The MOONSHINE BANDITS made their return to Vegas and this time they played downtown at the Backstage, Bar & Billiards with openers J-Dom and NE Last Words. But this night was all about the Bandits...

The Moonshine Bandits are a country rap duo who now tour with DJ Chopstix and female drumming sensation Jordan Antidote. The Bandits are comprised of Dusty "Tex" Dahlgren and Brett "Bird" Brooks who are as American as apple pie. I have never seen a more patriotic group of musicians than the Moonshine Bandits, from the beginning of their show with the National Anthem, to having a couple vets onstage with a huge American, flag to singing about our troops overseas, that is who the Moonshine Bandits are. They even shout out during the show "USA...USA...USA"... and then "Fuck ISIS...Fuck North Korea...Fuck Syria", and on and on, and pretty much cover every enemy the USA has. This is no act, these boys mean it - they also sing about the simple life - no glitz, no glamour - just kicking back fishing off of their dads pontoon boat, drinking beers and whisky and songs about the average person. That’s why they have such a loyal fanbase, the fans can relate to everything they sing and say. They even invite the ladies in the crowd onstage to dance while they sing songs such as "Dive Bar Beauty Queen", and at the end of their show they always thank the crowd and wave American Flags. The Moonshine Bandits are a high energy, foot stomping show, and it’s fun from the start to the finish. They grow on you more and more each time you see them, and that is why on this swing on their tour they are selling out nearly every stop. I for one am looking forward to the boys stopping back in Vegas and bringing some happiness and joy to another eventful evening.

Moonshine bandits photos: Harold Mountain/JustAFanPhotos

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