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This was show I have looked forward to for a long time and it did not disappoint! It was a show for the true fans of this type of music, and Brooklyn Bowl was the perfect venue for Peter Hook & the Light. Peter Hook is the bassist and founder of JOY DIVISION and then NEW ORDER, and his show had 2 parts - the first half of the evening was all New Order songs starting off with "Leave Me Alone" followed by "Ceremony", and an early highlight was when the band played "Blue Monday", which elicited a huge cheer from the crowd. The set was approx. 90 minutes long and wound down with "Bizarre Love Triangle" and closing with "True Faith". The New Order set was fun, light and a bit poppy, and he band took a 15 minute break before returning with a 2nd set.

The return second set was comprised of all JOY DIVISION songs, and right away you could feel the darkness these songs had over the previous set - dark, moody and the crowd ate it up. The band opened with "The Eternal" followed by "New Dawn Fades", and then the beat picked up with the song "Warsaw", a danceable beat that had the crowd hopping. To me the show really took off as the band hit the home stretch of the Joy Division set, and to actually hear these songs live is something I will never forget. The band kicked into "Transmission", followed by "She’s Lost Control", and Peter Hook then left the stage and let his very talented band play "Incubation".

Upon his return it was the classic song "Dead Souls" - which has been covered it seems by every goth inspired band- "Atmosphere", and the show closed out with the anthem sing along "Love Will Tear Us Apart", and Peter took off his shirt and along with a pair of drumsticks tossed them into the crowd. Peter Hook had onstage a painting of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, who commited suicide in 1980, and expressed how much he misses him everyday and has never forgotten him. This was an amazing show from Peter Hook and The Light.

Peter Hook & the Light Gallery by Harold Mountain / JustAFan Photos

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