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LA Story with Driven and Baker's Dozen

LA STORY, one of the hottest local acts on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, are not strangers to Las Vegas but they did play their first show at Count’s Vamp’d, Las Vegas’ premier rock club, on May 19th. The show was opened by two of Las Vegas’ hottest local acts in BAKER’S DOZEN and DRIVEN, the same line-up that played Rockin’ for Autism this spring in Las Vegas. For those that missed that benefit show, this was a chance to see why it was such a huge success.

DRIVEN and BAKER”S DOZEN continued to show why they are two of the most sought after bands on the local scene. DRIVEN continues to solidify after some earlier line-up changes while BAKER’S DOZEN seems as much of a brotherhood as a band, which continues to set them apart. Locals can’t wait fro new releases from both.

LA STORY once again showed the locals why they are one of the hottest acts currently on the Sunset Strip. The masked men put on a show that is both unique and cinematic. Behind the showmanship is a solid group of technical musicians delivering some solid songs. Although they have now played Las Vegas twice in the last three months, the locals are already screaming for a return!

LA Story photos by Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Driven photos by Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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