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T.S.O.L. with Guttermouth, Guilty By Association and NE Last Words at Brooklyn Bowl LV

Punk Rock returned to the Brooklyn Bowl for a loud fun night of attitude. Opening the night was locals NE LAST WORDS, a band on the rise who have long deserved to be on the big stage. This was the first chance we got to see NE with their new co-singer "The Chemist”, and there was good 'chemistry' between him and the rest of the band and it showed with a short but exciting set.

Next was another local Vegas band GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION, a band was very straight forward and in your face punk. No fooling around here, just good hard core punk with songs from the band's latest release Coming Home, out on Squidhat Records.

GUTTERMOUTH is a band that just not give a f#ck, they intend to shock, offend and cause controversy, and that's what they did. The band has lots to say about the world, with rants and comedic antics between songs - this was by far the most entertaining band of the night. During the middle of the set lead singer Mark Adkins jumped off the stage and jumped into the crowd, working his way to the side and up on the bowling lanes that were to the left of the stage. while He grabbed a bottle of ketchup and headed back to the stage where he proceeded to squirt the entire bottle all over himself, and then looking like a bloody mess someone tossed him a bottle of mustard and he emptied that all over himself too, on his head, chest, face... and in his shorts. All while the band continued playing song after song. The Brooklyn Bowl staff had to come out with a bucket and mop and try to clean up the stage before headliner took to the stage.

T.S.O.L. (True Sounds of Liberty) is an old school punk band out of Long beach, CA that started way back in 1979. Lead singer Jack Grisham moved non stop across the stage and was a wall of energy the entire night. T.S.O.L.'s sound is more straightforward and serious than Guttermouth, and the band played with an efficiency rarely seen in punk bands, and seemed very confident and looked to be really enjoying their show at Brooklyn Bowl. The band plowed through 17 songs on this night opening with "Sounds of Laughter" and closed with "Code Blue". This was a long night of punk, and the Brooklyn Bowl proved once again they are the most diverse venue in Vegas.


Sounds of Laughter

Superficial Love

80 Times

World War III

In My Head

Fuck You Tough Guy

Dance With Me

Wash Away

Abolish Government

Silent Majority

Property Is Theft

I Wanted to See You

The Triangle

Die for Me

Silent Scream

Terrible People

Code Blue

T.S.O.L. photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFan Photos

Guttermouth photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFan Photos

Guilty by Association photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFan Photos

NE Last Words photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFan Photos

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