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Buckethead Shreds at Vinyl Las Vegas Inside the Hard Rock LV

Inside the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas as you walked into club Vinyl Las Vegas, you could here a crowd chanting BUCKETHEAD!!! BUCKETHEAD!!! BUCKETHEAD!!!

What is a BUCKETHEAD?? Just the only super shredder, instrumental guitarists to record and play on more than 300 albums, special releases and with Guns 'N Roses too! Buckethead (Brian Patrick Carroll) is thought by many to be one of the most innovatve and avant garde musician out there, as well as one of the 'fastest guitarists of all time', for which he has won more than one award. In Vegas, Buckethead wore a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket on his head, along with his favorite basketball player jersey MJ23, and armed with his weapons of bucket destruction - Les Paul guitars , EVH (Eddie Van Halen) heads and Marshall and Hiwatt amps, he put on a show to remember.

The show started a little late but nobody noticed, and as Buckethead began to play "Big Sur Moon" the crowd went nuts!! Being a big fan, I was glad he play my favorites like "Welcome to Bucketheadland" and "Night of the Slunk". During "Gory Head Stump" he walked around with a dismembered head in his hand, fretting his Les Paul in the other hand, playing the guitar the whole time - just awesome. The show was weird and insane and the most impressive guitar playing I've seen. Was a great time to see Buckethead in a small room and get to watch him in action.

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