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New Found Glory Bring a 'Sick' Tour to Vegas with Bayside and Movielife at Brooklyn Bowl

Pop punkcore was on fire at Brooklyn Bowl for the Sick Tour with New Found Glory, Bayside, and Movielife, with William Ryan Key (Yellowcard) starting off the show with an acoustic set. It was a low key nice start to a night that got rowdy fast when The Movielife took the stage for the sold out show.

THE MOVIELIFE features vocalist Vinnie Caruana in a post hardcore band who recently recouped in 2014 (after a hiatus since 2003) and keep hitting the tour circuit for a second wind on their punk career run. Even with the band being newer to some pop punk fans who may have not know them the first go round, this crowd knew the songs, screamed the lyrics, and made the band more than welcome. The band's fourth album, Cities in Search of a Heart was released in September 2017, and their somewhat short set reflected new material but was also solid on songs from 2003’s Forty Hour Train Back to Penn as well.

BAYSIDE has played Vegas a few times recently and is always a fan fave in this town, the band’s impressive 7 record catalogue since 2004 has culminated in 2016’s Vacancy, a solid record that vocalist Anthony Raneri calls “mission of reflection and self-examination”. Bayside gave a real boost of energy to the crowd and looked like they were having a fantastic time, with Raneri letting the crowd carry some of the vocals on a few tunes here and there, since they were singing so loud they almost drowned him out at times. The set was heavy on the singles, from "Masterpiece”, "Duality”, to most recently “Pretty Vacant”, and touching on almost every album during their show, and from the front of the room to the back everyone was singing along.

NEW FOUND GLORY headlinered of The Sick Tour, out in support of their 2017 release Makes Me Sick, and had a super colorful semi glow in the dark backdrop that lent a real pop cartoon look for the set. NFG they came out strong with their 2004 hit, "All Downhill From Here.”, and kept the pace with "Understatement”. The band was fast moving on the stage, surprisingly so for a band who hits 20 this year, and all three member on the front line got stage air while the crowd surfed across the room to the stage, with vocalist Jordan Pundik high fiving and fist bumping the bulk of them that made it over the pit wall. The band kept the energy level on 11 with a set that included early hits and several new songs from the newest cd. New Found Glory hit a fun finale on their lengthy set with balloons flying and and encore finish with “My Friends Over You”.

New Found Glory Setlist Las Vegas

All Downhill from Here

Understatement Better Off Dead Party on Apocalypse Forget My Name Selfless Anthem for the Unwanted Barbed Wire Failure's Not Flattering Kiss Me (Sixpence None the Richer cover) Happy Being Miserable Situations Dressed to Kill Sonny Call Me Anti-Social Truth of My Youth

Don't Let Her Pull You Down Head On Collision Hit or Miss Encore:

Eye of the Tiger (Survivor cover) My Friends Over You

THE MOVIELIFE album Cities in the Search of a Heart available HERE

BAYSIDE New album Vacancy out now on Itunes , Amazon, or Stream on Spotify

NEW FOUND GLORY new release Makes Me Sick out now HERE

New Found Glory Photos from Jo Anna Jackson /

BAYSIDE Photos from Jo Anna Jackson /

The Movielife Photos from Jo Anna Jackson /

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